SAP is endorsing the Sales and AdWatch cross-platform advertising sales and production solutions from cloud-based advertising,content management and publishing platform provider Mediaspectrum. This means the Mediaspectrum applications are complementary to SAP software and follow SAP development guidelines.

SAP Adds Multichannel Advertising Management to Ecosystem

The Mediaspectrum Sales application is designed to connect all participants in a multichannel advertising campaign on a single Web services-based platform to manage the entire process. AdWatch provides a CMS specifically aimed at advertisers, allowing tracking of ad elements including text, photos and graphics to work on them at the component level.

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By endorsing these Mediaspectrum solutions, SAP is giving users of its finance and analytics solutions the option of adding cross-platform advertising content management to their SAP ecosystem. In addition, Mediaspectrum Sales and AdWatch users can now use SAP finance and analytics to help manage their multichannel advertising workflows.

Taking Campaign Management to the Next Level

Mediaspectrum has already been helping multichannel advertisers analyze and manage financial performance of their campaigns for some time. In March 2010, Mediaspectrum released Campaign Management, an ad sales portal integrating multiple tasks to help publishers manage the way their content interacts with advertisers while also gaining valuable insight into how much revenue and success is associated with each sales and marketing campaign.

In addition, a built-in business rules management system (BRMS) lets business managers create and assign new sales based upon how advertisers interact with the system. As CMSWire reported at the time, “Web publishing is more than just about content. A great deal of it relies on advertising and revenue.” By obtaining an SAP endorsement, Mediaspectrum is giving its users an opportunity to gain deeper insight into how well their campaigns are actually performing and how much revenue they are generating.

Analytics Creates ‘Insatiable Demand’

Why would Mediaspectrum users be so anxious to integrate SAP analytics into their multichannel advertising management process? In a guest column in Forbes last year, SAP GM of Business Analytics Steve Lucas stated “the demand for tools like business analytics that helps organizations access, analyze, govern and share information is seemingly insatiable.”

According to Lucas, the continuing explosion of Big Data is primarily fueling this demand, but he also cited the growth of cross-platform content engagement. “On the mobile front, the right tools must be available not just in a browser connected to a server and available via a desktop device, but as a mobile experience on every major tablet and smart phone,” he said. “Existing content companies must be more universally accessible across all devices.”

In terms of social media, Lucas asked readers to “imagine having the ability to create collaborative workgroups and discussion forums similar to what you’d find in Facebook -- ALL integrated with your business intelligence system.” And of course, “companies are looking for ways to analyze the ‘mood’ of customers on Facebook or Twitter in real-time.”

Mediaspectrum is leveraging SAP’s substantial expertise and product offering in the analytics area to help multichannel advertisers add more dimensions to their cross-platform content strategies.