More customer experience management news from SAP today, this time in the shape of a new partnership with social customer service provider MindTouch as its customer analysis technology will be used to complement SAP’s existing SAP Cloud for Service and SAP Cloud for Social Engagement. 

Product Information Management

Compared with the impact the acquisition of hybris will have and which SAP said it was buying yesterday, its small enough, but its pushing in the same direction as hybris by providing SAP with a means of providing clients with a self-service integrated help system offering constantly updated product information.

For companies that are selling into either businesses, or a wider general public, one of the biggest challenges is providing accurate and timely information to customers about products that the retail company is selling. There is, at first glance, a simple solution to this -- produce a product catalog that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere and at any time, no matter what geography the client is located in.

However, in the same way that intranets may be crippled by information silos that cannot be searched from a single location, product information often ends up in multiple silos making it difficult to find not only all the information necessary for all a company’s portfolio, but also all the information related to a single product.

In a company that has several hundred, or even thousands of products, the problem becomes almost unmanageable. This is where MindTouch comes into play.

SAP, MindTouch

MindTouch solutions pull data from all the silos it resides in and distributes it to the places it is needed -- ranging from employees to customer support agents and finally to customers themselves. It can also deliver this information to those that need it through all enterprise channels including call centers, mobile devices and the Web.

In doing so, it optimizes the customer experience and can take information from places like Facebook or Twitter, or websites and enterprise silos, to create accurate customer profiles.

The MindTouch solution will be integrated with SAP Cloud for Service and SAP Cloud for Social Engagement. The result is a partnership that will provide:

  • Up-to-date information sent to places it is needed through all channels
  • Multi-channel distribution of relevant and up-to-date product and customer information
  • Better customer intelligence built using MindTouch tools and analytics

…We expect the use of MindTouch’s solution with our cloud solutions to help achieve a superior customer-service experience. This announcement supports our vision of guiding customers through the journey from prospect to promoter,” Mercedes Ellison, vice president of Global Cloud a SAP company.

While the official announcement about the partnership was only made today, it is already being used by a number of companies, including HTC, which is using it to process 600,000 information requests a day. HTC appears to be happy with the combination of both MindTouch and SAP’s cloud solutions , but it hasn't gone into any detail on how it is being used, except to say that it has improved customer engagement with HTC.

SAP announced a new CXM strategy for the future last November and has pushed that forward with a number of strategic moves like yesterday’s hybris aquisition, and now the MindTouch partnership.