After the launch of a social media campaign, the hard work of establishing success begins. Satmetrix believes its social media measurement tool SparkScore can help make this work a little easier.

Measuring Social Sentiment

SparkScore is a free website that, according to Satmetrix, benchmarks a brand's social media sentiment in selected industries and basically tells companies whether their social media efforts are making any impact in their given industry space.

It is rather limited at the moment, working in just three different verticals -- Airlines, Computers and Laptops, and Hotels and Motels -- but with these kinds of things it’s good to start small and build. SparkScore outlined where it will be going with this product in the near future.

The website itself appears easy enough to use and gives a number of examples of different companies and how they fared over the past week. British Airways, for example, doesn’t really seem to be doing too well on this front, but then very large companies are notoriously slow in implementing social media strategies.

There are a lot of other companies too, and no doubt you can sign up your own. In all cases, Satmetrix says that it can measure sentiment using its Net Promoter product.

Satmetrix and SparkScore

Using the Metavana sentiment engine, data is collected from all kinds of rich content sources across the web using the Metavana focused crawler, which only collects data about predetermined topics.

Data is then analyzed through the Metavana classification engine and then the sentiment engine with a proprietary algorithm used to calculate the score. Scores are listed from -100 to +100 giving what Sparkscore says is a very sensitive reading.

With Satmetrix SparkScore, our customers now have a 360 degree view of the customer experience that classifies social media comments not just as positive or negative, but as Detractor, Passive or Promoter, and empowers them with actionable insights to mobilize Promoters, recover Detractors and drive business results,” Richard Owen, CEO of Satmetrix said.

In the coming months, Satmetrix says it will release SparkScore standalone and integrated solutions for the company's Net Promoter in the Cloud software applications, which will allow companies to identify, follow up and close the loop with detractors, promoters and influencers who are active in social media. More on this as it happens.