SAVO Teams Bring Enterprise Collaboration to the Sales Cycle

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Last month, a poll by the SAVO group revealed that more than 60 percent of companies have not realized a positive ROI with their CRM system. Recognizing the work left to be done by marketing teams to facilitate better social collaboration and the achievement of measurable gains, SAVO group has released a new social collaboration application designed to accelerate sales cycles and increase win rates by examining the social behaviors of sellers.

Identify the Right Opportunity at the Right Time

With SAVO Teams, users can stay connected no matter where they are through access to analytical dashboards, which provide insights about the organizational and process changes that increase the effectiveness of the entire sales organization. By automatically identifying sales opportunities within CRM that can be accelerated with collaboration, SAVO Teams is able to put the right subject matter experts, content and sales process coaching into action.

Deal Room Combines Sales With Info

It then pushes this information into a Deal Room that then invites the seller. The idea is that by identifying the selling situation and pre-populating the Deal Room with experts and sales assets, sellers can focus on account activity, which can help streamline and increase sales performance.

By getting the right people together at the right time, SAVO Teams aims to save time and money, rather than wasting resources by working in silos.As a result, teams work better, better content is developed and sales knows more about potential buyers, ultimately improving the customer experience in the end.

It helps too that SAVO Teams gather company knowledge into a single, easy-to-use cloud application, allowing team members to move beyond the conversation stream and provide sales reps with full team support and mobility, while offering management measurable ROI, which of course is what they're really after.

Learning Opportunities

SAVO Gets Social, Mobile

By concentrating on two key areas, social and mobile, SAVO Teams is able to leverage insights across conversations and teams. Being able to not only access this information at any time, anywhere, but also having it pushed out to the appropriate people can shorten sales cycles dramatically.

We always knew that being mobile, social and local was a great way to engage customers, but slowly companies are realizing these methods work just as well to engage sales teams, streamline processes and increase performance.

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