Using content rich partnerships as the draw, content marketing platform maker Scribit is looking to change the search, web site hop, skip and jump game from one site to another by creating a content repository right on their branded sites, including those in key digital landing locales like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The company said it's the first web-based content marketing platform that helps businesses instantly publish and share (on social platforms) "relevant and credible articles," without sending customers away. The idea is to boost time on the local digital property by hosting rather than simply linking away those valuable customer eyeballs.

Gregg Freishtat, CEO of Scribit says,

We are revolutionizing the way information is shared on the web by turning a business' brand into the place consumers can find content from across the web. Currently, when you share third party content, you are pushing consumers away to other sites to read it. Now, with Scribit's premium content, you can have a depth and breadth of content on your site and social pages as easily as friending someone on Facebook." 

Strategic Publishing Relationships the Key

Scribit currently offers subscribers access to articles, videos and images from Business Insider, Discovery Inc. and, with the promise of new additions daily to its service. The goal is for marketers to create a deeper audience engagement. The company said that will increase leads and sales directly on a business's web site.  

The approach is meant to support the growing trend of content curation and content sharing through social media, trends which aren't going away anytime soon. In fact, the phenomenon continues to rise, as a recent study by Nielsen / AOL showed: 23 percent of these shared messages include links to content. The ability to share content is important to consumers as it connects and identifies them with brands. 

Other program benefits include improved client on-site conversations, building brand influence and authority (and subsequent search hits) and scale without increased overhead. 

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Scribit price plans linked to size of business

Plans and Pricing 

The company offers a 30-day trial with plans that include a Starter plan (US$ 50/mo) then range from small to medium business (US$ 250 and US$ 500/mo) all the way up to Enterprise (get a quote). Content Brands include TVGuide, The Weather Channel, Forbes, Gizmodo, The Daily Meal, Globalpost, Health Day, LifeHacker, HowStuffWorks, The Motley Fool and more. 

For now the company is targeting content that includes entertainment, technology, business and finance, with plans to expand through future content deal currently in process.