August belongs to SharePoint at CMSWire. This month, we’ll examine SharePoint from many different perspectives. But before we do, what is SharePoint? If you had to conceptualize it, what would it look like? What characteristics would be highlighted?

The Big SharePoint Picture

Putting our infographic skills to work, we tried to summarize SharePoint visually, highlighting what we considered to be among its most discussed and debated issues, namely the number of licenses, browser support, dominant use cases and its future as a mobile interface.

Learning Opportunities


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Of course, only Microsoft knows the current state of SharePoint, so we used the best data we could find. There’s no denying that SharePoint continues to grow, but how it evolves alongside other emerging platforms and technology trends, is still unfolding. With the release of SharePoint 2013 coming soon, we’ll see what the future of SharePoint brings.