Sharing is Caring: Learn What Works, What Doesn't #jboye12

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At J.Boye 2012, it was made clear that sharing is caring. Whether it’s information about what’s working or what isn’t, it’s essential that everyone from development teams to sales and marketing to community managers share insights so as to help everyone innovate and make improvements. Session after session, valuable information about mobile web strategy, SharePoint development and web governance were shared, giving us great insight on how we can avoid pitfalls and work smarter.

Work Smarter with Better Business Intelligence

J.Boye prides itself for providing a vendor-free environment in which digital professionals can learn, engage and network with one another. However, sometimes vendors need a safe space at which to learn and network, too. As a result, JBoye features a forum that allows software vendors an opportunity to present a 6-minute innovative demo showing how their solution can solve a business problem.

Among the vendors participating was Igloo Software. We were able to catch up with Andrew Dixon, Vice President of marketing and operations at Igloo before the conference and get a sneak peek at their newest offering and how it can help many companies tackle one of the most pervasive challenges -- making sense of business intelligence and social analytics.

In March, after careful consideration and review, Igloo chose MicroStrategy Cloud to integrate reporting and analytics into IGLOO's social business suite and began preparing for a spring launch. Spring has sprung and with it the launch of its new social analytics and reporting tool. Companies can drill down to evaluate performance by teams or individuals to see what social tools are working, patterns for positive customer engagement and how it affects the company’s bottom line.

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Igloo’s community analytics lets users drill down to the enterprise, team & individual levels to see near-time data with real-time filtering.

It’s no secret that there is no prescription for social media engagement success, except to do what’s right for your company, its culture and customers. Yet, figuring out what works best is not always obvious amidst a sea of social analytics and business intelligence metrics. With Igloo’s MicroStrategy platform, users can import data from any source and run comparisons alongside social and structured data.

Learning Opportunities

This means you can create custom reports so you can track the behaviors that contribute to successful outcomes. Now you can not only see what’s working but help others replicate success so they can work smarter, not harder.

community analytics_igloo2.jpg

By being able to track user participation, activity, influence and engagement, it’s simple to compare active and non-active members, overall activity, contribution types.

Though conferences like J.Boye aim to help digital professional work through their challenges and learn new solutions, much of what is presented is still anecdotal -- even if case studies can be backed up with metrics and analysis. But with Igloo’s new tool, it’s much easier to figure out direct correlations between team performance and outcomes across platforms and networks. 

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