Today, enterprise social management platform, Shoutlet, announced the release of Shoutlet 5.0. Designed to abridge social media for enterprises, the latest version adds three ultra-sophisticated new features and a round of updates to the existing program. Makes you just want to shout out loud thinking about it!

A Strident Voice in Social Media Management

After two years of growth and development, Shoutlet 5.0 debuts today as a part of Social Media Week in NYC, and on the upshot of the company’s rising success. As a platform, Shoutlet aims to assist consumer companies in engaging their online customers by managing networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.It additionally includes an array of useful marketing instruments, such “Social CRM, a contest platform, HMTL5 web app building, and real-time analytics.” Among the firm's present list of clientele: AT&T, Burger King, Reader’s Digest, The Four Seasons Hotel, Zagat and Motorola.

As we noted in the past, Shoutlet appeals to the grassroots. The launch today strives to maintain customer satisfaction and improve upon the last upgrade with three new innovations geared towards streamlining social media efforts.

The first, deemed Social Canvas, provides clients with a way of publishing creative quickly utilizing professional design tools. It helps to create landing pages on Facebook, web apps and HTML pages, and is what CEO, Jason Weaver, calls a “Photoshop for the web.” The program allows for advanced layouts with seamless overlays and multi-tab functionality, and publishing across all a company’s networks and blogs.


Next up: Social Switchboard, the very first trigger-based social media management and marketing device. While most virtual gadgets of this kind are time-based, Social Switchboard works to set up campaigns prompted by designated actions. For instance, if 2,000 people click on a link, a new video might appear to replace it. Or, if an initial tab hits 10,000 fans, the page will switch to a fresher design.

Learning Opportunities


On the data side, the third addition brings Social Profiles, a device to consolidate records from contest entries, web apps, interaction history through Social CRM, publicly accessible information from social networks, and any other speck of dirt the program can dig up. The result, according to Shoutlet, “is a 360-degree look at each person.” Using this newly organized catalog, an enterprise can generate specialized lists based on nuanced profiling for use in targeted marketing campaigns.

Loud and Clear

Meant for those who don’t know how to write code and without the time to effectively manage numerous social channels, Shoutlet serves as a DIY for companies. You can make your own apps; launch websites; send messages to all networks simultaneously; and track your results. Using deep API integration through its partnerships with Facebook, Omniture and the likes, Shoutlet 5.0 offers custom reporting, and the ability to acquire new profiles through strategized campaigning. Weaver mentioned to CMSWire on a demo of the update that one client recently went from a email database of zero to 5,000 overnight simply by creating a web coupon app which was positioned on various shopping sites.

Weaver further highlighted,

Our vision from day one has been to arm our customers with the tools they need to build and manage powerful social campaigns, allowing for easy and intuitive content creation and giving them real-time and accurate user analytics to better plan fan interaction…With Shoutlet 5.0, we are doing just that with relevancy marketing at the core, providing customers with a wealth of information generated by features like Social Canvas, Social Profiles, and Social Switchboard. These tools combined are optimizing the way brands are communicating with fans and significantly enriching those relationships.  

We hear you!