Telerik kicks its web experience management plans in to high gear with the release of new content personalization capabilities and multi-site management for Sitefinity Web CMS.

Personalizing Your Content

A personalized, contextual experience. That's what users want these days it's a key requirement of any web experience management solution. In a recent eConsultancy report, over half the digital marketers surveyed said that personalization was fundamental to their content strategy, but only 32% said their web content management system offered the capability. A one time, Telerik would have fallen into that list.

Sitefinity 5.2 has changed that. Telerik had three things in mind when it designed its personalization capabilities and they all work together to enable organizations to target their website content to specific audiences.

First, it enables marketers to identify audience segments through both implicit and explicit targeting.


Sitefinity - Create a segment

Second, as audience segments are created, marketers have the ability to impersonate an audience and move through the website to see how the experience works.

Finally, once a user is identified and mapped to an audience segment, content on the website can be personalized to them.


Sitefinity - Personalized Page

Now this is pretty straightforward personalization and the truth is that many organizations are still at this level. For Telerik, the infrastructure is now in place to support a deeper web experience effectively and at scale. So this is only the beginning of what we can expect to see from Sitefinity.

Multi-Site Management

Also new in Sitefinity 5.2 is the ability to manage multiple websites from a single user interface. Even though organizations may want (or need) multiple websites (a great example is marketing campaign websites), there is often a lot of reuse of resources like templates, content, tools and infrastructure. Having to jump back and forth between admin interfaces to manage different sites can be time consuming and can introduce more errors into the management processes than necessary.


Learning Opportunities

Multi-site Selector

Sitefinitiy's new multi-site management capabilities offer organizations the ability to create multiple websites within a single instance of Sitefinity, share resources across websites, and quickly toggle back and forth between the sites they are managing.

Telerik has implemented a tight permission structure that defines whohas access to what and they see when the log into the Sitefinityinterface.


Multi-site Permissions

Supporting the Agile Marketer

Sitefinity 5.1 was all about technical improvements including native support for ASP.NET MVC and Razor. This time, it's about the enabling the marketer to target their audience better and get new sites up and running quickly. And that's the flexibility marketers need today.

This is a good start for Telerik as it further builds its web experience platform. It already has a strong mobile experience through the use of responsive design. It will be interesting to see how quickly the personalization capabilities move to the next level.