Personal branding start-up company, Social.Me has announced the first phase of its social media click tracking rollout with the introduction of its outbound click tracking tool.

Social.Me and Social Media

The company, which only moved from an invitation-only beta format to public use earlier this month, is a tool that allows users to collectively manage up to 36 different social networks from a single profile.

According to Social.Me’s official website, it was getting harder for people to manage and promote all of their social channels. For example, email signatures were becoming incredibly long with users adding Facebook, Google+ LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

If you're active on multiple social networks, you know the importance of unifying your message across all of them…but what you don't know is what your audience's preferred platform is,” says the Social.Me website. “Unify all of your social networks and blog in one place and get a nice clean profile with your pic, bio, and skills/expertise tags so your audience can follow you on their preferred network.”

Therefore, with an email signature as an example. users only have to link to their Social.Me profile for users to see all of their social accounts. In addition to linking social media accounts to their profile, users can also add relevant tags and their official website.

Sites than can be linked to a Social.Me profile include: Facebook, LinkedIn, BrandYourself, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Zerply, Reddit and Google+.

Social.Me Founder Ron Rule's profile

Social Media Click Tracking

For many businesses it isn't enough to share content, they have to see how many visitors they have and how often and how popular the content is. Therefore, merely seeing how many likes, shares or followers a page has won’t give social media users a complete data picture.

While there are other analytics tools out there that can monitor social media activity, such as Alterian, who recently added social media analytics to its marketing platform and Google Analytics who added social reporting to its platform last year, Social.Me wants to make sure that the Social.Me platform is the only place a user has to visit when trying to engage, manage and track social media activity.

Social.Me founder Ron Rule has found that while a fan or follower may click through to a social profile, they don’t always subscribe to updates from that page. While this data shows that there are people who visit a particular page, it isn't an accurate account of exactly how many people continually view a business’ page or account.

In using Social.Me's outbound click tracking tool, Rule says users will be able to compare the clicks to how many more followers or fans have been added. In turn, marketers will be able to improve their engagement efforts by turning one time or casual visitors into followers or fans.

Most individuals and brands are using a standard 'social icon strip' to link their blogs or websites to their social media pages, but they have no idea who's clicking through," said Rule. "Our users will be able to see how many visitors are finding their way to their social sites and generate rich analytics showing which networks are getting the most visibility, and where those visitors are coming from, even if they never view their profile."

As was mentioned, Social.Me was only released to the public at the beginning of February, so not all of the proposed features have been added. Additional phases of the social media click tracking rollout are expected to be announced over the next month.