Companies so often have a roster of contact emails hidden in their database, and startup is offering to tap into those emails by linking them to their owners' social media profiles.

Social Data Portal has launched its service as a social data portal, and it's offering a way to dig into stored emails by giving them new life. Linking contact information already on hand to living social media profiles could help organizations put together more effective marketing campaigns, and see a deeper cross section of those customers, the company claims.

Think about the incomplete customer data organizations have. This is one tool that could help fill in the gaps, at least social media wise, of at least some of those customers. By matching emails against social media profiles, a complete picture could come into focus, and understanding gained of what those customers are really into.

At launch, is simply a dashboard showing that more complete view of database information, but more tools will roll out soon, the company promises. Customers upload email fields of their database to the online portal, and when it finds a match, it automatically attaches that data by connecting it to any social media services it is associated with. estimates about 30% of contacts in a given database will yield social insights. Information like gender splits, age, location, device and interests are among the insights that could turn up from

It's Free

For now, is a free service, but we expect upcoming feature releases to have a price associated with them. Next up is a feature called Live Stream that will monitor public conversations involving the found social media profiles. Additionally, there will be a filter that allows for drilling into and parsing social data. Depending on the volume of data needing to be covered, we could see this service requiring a fairly high price tag.

Anyone looking to dive into this kind of social media analysis now has a good opportunity to try out the free version just to get an idea of what it entails. From there, a baseline can be established with which to measure any competing services that may need to be investigated.