We had the time to sit down with a few vendors during Gartner: Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit 2012 and learn about trends, insights and influences affecting the social enterprise. Whether it be video delivery and management, portal and community management, or holistic web content management, one thing is clear -- the enterprise is becoming more socially engaged from the inside out.

Insights from Within the Social Enterprise

Throughout the conference, we sat down with thought leaders from Elcom, Kontiki, and Liferay to learn more about how their customers were helping them developing tools to evolve the enterprise into a more social, engaging, productive place.


At Elcom for example, Josh Anstey, VP Partner Engagement and Anthony Milner, VP Product Development social is growing faster among its customers. So much so that many are not just looking to manage content across one customer-facing website, but across several employee-facing sites as well, all in an effort to connect users and build brand continuity. Elcom’s ever-evolving platform is able to support companies no matter what new technology they want to integrate with or engagement activity they want to promote. Milner says that as more companies become more experienced with web content and engagement management, the smarter they are being how to integrate social technologies into their organizations for both customers and employees.


For Kontiki, Robert Nunes, Vice President Marketing talked with us about how enterprise adoption of video content delivery is growing as more companies begin to integrate video into their content strategies. However, for as much as video can engage users across the enterprise, companies still struggle to deploy and deliver it safely and securely. With the Kontiki Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN), companies can distribute high-quality video content to every employee without affecting the network.

Additionally, Nunes says that the advent of the BYOD mentality has added new challenges and opportunities for enterprise video, but overall has helped developed a more engaged company culture. As more companies begin to add video to their engagement toolkit, the savvier they have become about its many uses. From creating on-demand videos for trainings to creating responsive communications to address customer complaints -- video is definitely becoming an integral part of enterprise engagement, thanks to Kontiki’s delivery solutions.


At Liferay, customers are finding it easy to manage, build, collaborate and share content across the web and mobile devices. James Falkner, Liferay’s Community Manager spoke with us about the influence that the open source community has had on helping them continually evolve tools and solutions. Whether it’s helping to prioritize updates or helping them isolate and identify bugs or participate in usability testing, those within the Liferay user community play an active role in advancing the company's product development and user engagement, not to mention influencing their own company's workflows and web content management processes. 

The Evolution of Connected Users

While these three companies may offer different products or platforms, they all work to facilitate engagement within the enterprise. They know that unless it’s painfully easy to integrate or implement, organizations will be challenged to embrace social technologies. But integration doesn’t mean skimping on functionality. Quite the contrary, all three companies, as well as others like them offer an advanced suite of products and solutions that help employees and customers alike become more connected, engaged and empowered.