SugarCRM and Colosa Release ProcessMaker for SugarCRM Edition
Customer relationship management company, SugarCRM and software solutions provider, Colosa have announced the public release of a new integrated product: the ProcessMaker for SugarCRM Edition.

Building A Better CRM

Usually with CRM there are particular processes that need to be followed, but often employees will skip steps because they don't have a standardized and structured workflow from which to work.

The ProcessMaker for SugarCRM Edition aims to change this by giving CRM administrators workflow capabilities. This will ensure that guidelines are followed by employees and all steps are completed in order. For example, administrators can set up the workflow to track activity from a home page and edit any tasks or activities that are in progress. This will not only make sure that employees are on track, but that the administrator is up to date on employee activity.

"Enterprise customers can leverage this new visual and powerful workflow designer and engine inside SugarCRM to simplify and automate form-based approvals and interconnect existing company systems for smoother collaboration across the organization,” said Clint Oram, the SugarCRM chief technology officer.

Each task is categorized by its case study, task type and delegation date. Specific features include task and assignment inboxes, a BPMN 2.0 designer and a class process engine, and a business rules engine that all run concurrently from within the SugarCRM platform. The ProcessMaker for SugarCRM Edition is also a “loadable module” that can be added into the main SugarCRM platform.

Improving Businesses and the Customer Experience

From these features it appears that this integration will be mostly beneficial to executives trying to keep track of and manage their CRM team, but having a more collaborative and on track team will also benefit customers. In making sure that rules and procedures are followed employees can better engage with leads, which improves the customer experience and hopefully sales and conversion rates.

Previously the ProcessMaker for SugarCRM Edition had been available in a beta format, which was released this past April.

SugarCRM in the News

SugarCRM hasn’t updated or released new products over the last couple months, but was a bit busy in April. Along with the beta release of the ProcessMaker for SugarCRM Edition, the company had two items of note: an updated iOS app and Android preview and an expanded partnership with NextPrinciples to improve social insight.