This week, customer relationship company, SugarCRM has released a new mobile app for all Apple iOS devices, and is previewing the mobile app for the Android platform. 

The announcement was made at SugarCon, the sweet-sounding conference, centered around its CRM platform, that is currently taking place in New York City. Lila Tretikov, SugarCRM’s chief product officer, said in a statement that the new SugarCRM mobile app helps deliver “a solution that equips all customer-facing users with a fast, easy way to stay connected with their customers,” as well as to collaborate with other employees.

Tracking Updates

California-based SugarCRM provides an open-platform, Web-based CRM solution. The company said its apps have been downloaded over 11 million times and are employed by over 1.2 million end users.

The mobile app utilizes HTML5, which allows developers to essentially use the same code

SugarCRM mobile.png
across platforms whose browsers fully support the standards-based technology. In addition to staying in touch with customers, the app allows on-the-go employees to track updates in their campaigns, deals or contacts, or to update their CRM records.

The app also utilizes native iOS functions, including the ability to upload images, get contact directions or maps, and click-to-call, email or text their contacts instantly. The app’s UI is customizable for each user, and other functions include task creation, searching and summary.

Mobile CRM = Most Wanted

In the announcement, SugarCRM cited a study jointly conducted by market researcher IDC with enterprise resource planning specialist ISF. The study, which surveyed 450 C-level executives worldwide, found that nearly a third said CRM was the application they most wanted to be able to use in their mobile devices.

Other CRM providers, such as SAP or Salesforce, have also placed an emphasis on endowing their mobile versions with as much functionality as possible, since sales and customer experience management personnel do not want to lose any time or opportunity in taking care of their customers.

SugarCon has featured the announcements of a number of new products and services for the platform. New York-based Colosa, for instance, recently unveiled ProcessMaker, an open source business process management and workflow suite.