Tealium Creates Partner Program for Tag Management

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Tealium have announced a new partnership program to help further develop its tag management system for marketing and vendor websites. Due to the wide variety of tags and websites, organizing and managing those tags has become a full-time job for large sites. Tealium wants to help.

Many Tags to Monitor a Website

Embedding page tags is an easy way to track all kinds of actions on awebsite, but also can be deployed to help speed up page load times. Tealium, along with Ensighten, is one of the companies most responsiblefor shifting tag management to a less IT focused area, and is nowworking on simplifying implementation and training. Tealium IQ is a program that can organize tag analytic tools in the same way a content management system can organize text and images for a Web site.

This has been a powerful breakthrough for websites who use extensive analytics, and marketers in particular have embraced the technology. By providing one place for tags to be organized, companies can de-couple tag management from IT and do it right from their marketing departments. Tag managers don't need to know any coding to do this.

Tealium Partner Program

Webtrends, Digitaria, TracyLocke and Semphonic are a few of the companies who've joined the partnership, and they're getting certified and trained on Tealium's software as part of the deal.

The program is aimed at agencies, resellers and integrated platform providers. It includes integrating hierarchical account management, profiles, version controls and extensive permissioning.

Tealium's tag management solution makes it easier to deliver turnkeyweb analytics implementations for our clients,” said Hope Frank, CMO ofWebtrends, the global leader in unified mobile, social and web analyticsand engagement. “Tag management is becoming foundational to digitalmarketing and we are impressed with Tealium’s commitment to thechannel.”

Anametrix also announced its integration of Tealium.  Anyone using the Anametrix analytics platformwill be able to quickly add, edit or delete tags using the Tealiumsystem, and its simplified interface.

Learning Opportunities

Telium is exhibiting at the Digital Analytics Association's New York City Symposium today, and it will be no doubt looking for more partners who want to work with Telaium's marketing-focused tag management interface.

This new partner program is no doubt supported by the US$1.1 million in funding Tealium received in January.