Testers are the unsung heroes of app development. They have to keep stumbling into the potholes so that, eventually, all the faults are found and the street is paved, smooth and ready for a nice drive. To help lessen the testing pain for iOS devices, Telerik has unveiled its latest version of Test Studio for iOS, with a cloud sync web portal. 

Telerick said Test Studio 2.0 is the first product of its kind to support the testing of all three kinds of apps -- native, web or hybrid. The company also said it is the first to offer both test automation and user feedback within one solution, via the cloud sync portal.

Feedback, Crash Reports

The companion web portal tracks and manages data, and provides a central location for the coordination of feedback between the testing team members. A dashboard offers an account overview, with sections for Feedback, Crash Reports and Testing activity. Users can sync projects, tests and results between devices through the portal, drill into a project’s tests and comment and attach files to keep fellow team members updated.

In version 2.0, the feedback feature has also been expanded, so testers can record feedback as they walk through the app. TSReport, an iOS reporting library, can be included in the release version of the app, allowing end users to provide feedback directly.

Submissions are then viewed through the portal.

Learning Opportunities

Test Studio Web Portal.png

Telerik has touted other differentiators for Test Studio in general. For instance, it uses object-based recording instead of image-based element detection, which the company says makes testing easier after app layout changes. A test can be modified from a specific point and recording continued from there, and all common UIKit-based iOS controls can be tested out-of-the-box.

Stamp Out Bugs

Telerik provides end-to-end solutions for application development, automated testing, agile project management, reporting and content management. Its products include UI component suite RadControls, the OpenAccess data access tool, Kendo UI for building Web sites and mobile apps with JavaScript and HTML5, TeamPulse for Agile project management, Sitefinity CMS, and Icenium for cross-platform mobile development. Test Studio iOS is part of the Test Studio software testing suite.

In its announcement of version 2.0, Telerik cited Forrester Research’s observation that customers have been known to resist an app update unless they know the clear reasons why. So, the company noted, it’s best to be “very confident that your new releases work for all users” when they go out the door.