Magic Johnson gave the ultimate demonstration of personalized marketing yesterday, as he stood in a room full of admiring marketing professionals and posed while smartphones captured photo after photo of the NBA Hall of Fame Legend-turned-entrepreneur.

One of the day’s keynote speakers at DMA2014 in San Diego, Calif., Johnson continued connecting with the audience by avoiding the stage, and instead circulating among attendees throughout his entire talk on creating meaningful customer experiences

In case you weren’t lucky enough to schmooze in person with Johnson, here are the highlights, courtesy of tweeting conference enthusiasts eager to give the world a glimpse into the “magic” of marketing.

Success Begins with Your Customer

Johnson’s keynote focused on two of the conference’s main themes: customer engagement, and business as a force for good. Through his work in bringing retail brands into the urban market, Johnson has established himself as an authority on both fronts. 

Tailor Your Message

Johnson owes much of his entrepreneurial success to his techniques of tailoring messages and offerings of well-known brands to the urban market, and advises other marketers to get to know and communicate with their customers in the same way. 

Early on in his business career, he understood that the urban market was an untapped one, with a lot of unmet demand.

While owner of more than 100 Starbucks franchises, he listened to the needs of the urban market, and adjusted offerings accordingly, even if it meant replacing scones with sweet potato pie.

In Business or Basketball, Over Deliver

From being punctual for meetings, to always giving it your all, Johnson also talked about how over-delivering, even in tough times, can help build brand ambassadors and contribute to your overall success.


Your Competitors Make You Better

Johnson didn’t miss the chance to give a shout out to his old Celtics competitor, Larry Bird, in a mini-lesson on the competition. 

Believe in Yourself

Although perhaps a bit cliché, Johnson provided plenty of new inspiration around the concept of believing in yourself, with stories about his challenges in moving from basketball player to entrepreneur.

Always Reinvent Yourself

Johnson’s final message? Never settle. Reinvent yourself, keep learning, and keep taking your game to the next level.