As a follow-up to my article a few weeks ago, Overview: The 'New' Google Analytics Platform, I'm going to provide a series of articles that dive into each one of the new components in more detail. For this article, I'm going to spend some time going through a very cool new feature: Multi-Channel Funnels.


This group of reports shows valuable information about your traffic sources and how they worked together to complete one of your conversions. This new report is perfect for e-Commerce websites, and will now show you the actual traffic path your website visitors took before they made a purchase. For example, maybe someone found you through a Google search, then clicked on one of your online ads, and finally took you up on your latest email marketing offer and hit the "buy" button.

Once you click on the Multi-Channel Funnels (found in Conversions Reports), you'll see the Overview report first. This report helps you determine how many of your total conversions over your selected time period were actually "assisted conversions."

In the screenshot below, you can see that this website had 626 total conversions in the time period, and 371 of them were "assisted" by multiple traffic sources.


Assisted Conversions

Now, the Assisted Conversions report shows you more detail about your assisted conversions. By default, you will see your main channel groupings listed in the report. Note that you can also switch over to your source or medium view as well.


Use this report to determine which sources helped along the conversion path. This will also help you determine which online marketing avenues to focus your time and energy on.

Top Conversions Reports

Now, the Top Conversions Report is my favorite new feature. Check out the screenshot below.


As you can see from a few of these examples, you can follow the actual path website visitors took to come back to your website to the point when they completed a conversion. Look at line #87. Two conversions were completed when a visitor came to the website directly four times, then clicked on a paid advertisement, two unknown sources and then clicked on two referrals before converting. This report is a great resource to see which sources are truly giving others a helping hand.

Note that you can also add in sub-dimensions such as source, medium or campaigns to see a second path, with more specific sources, campaigns, etc.

I hope you're having some fun using the new interface. Have a question? Go ahead and leave one in the comments below. In two weeks we will focus on the Visitor Flow report and look at ways you can use this report for your business. Happy New Year!

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