The Sound of Illiri Connects the Mobile Experience

While mobile devices can facilitate engagement on the go, connecting mobile devices together is usually left to connecting via a hotspot or bumping phones together. But being that we’re mobile, what if we could establish instant, secure connections between devices even when we're not near each other? Enter Illiri.

Sounds Interesting

Illiri’s application programming interface (API) establishes such connections between devices and between devices and websites. But, unlike Bluetooth and NFC, which require devices to be near each other, Illiri can support data exchanges between devices anywhere in the world.

Even more interesting is that Illiri can elicit connections through sound. Users can exchange credentials, confirm connections, and transfer data wherever an audio connection between end points can be made, whether it’s face to face conversations, over a telephone call or on a conference call.

Essentially, Illiri apps enable the delivery or receipt data to or from any mobile device—distance, numbers, email addresses -- making Facebook accounts and personal information unnecessary.

How Does Illiri Work?

Here are the steps an app using Illiri would need to talk to enable a transaction: 

  • Two or more people have an app powered by Illiri, running on their mobile device.
  • One user opens the app and uses it to make a specific noise.
  • The other’s user’s device recognizes that noise.
  • Both users are asked if they wish to connect. They click one button to say yes or no.
  • The devices get securely connect via an Illiri server. The phones use 3G, 4G or Wifi networks to communicated with each other via that server.
  • Once connected, the devices can exchange any information the app is designed to exchange (contact information, money, files, photos, etc.)

And it all happens within seconds.

The Mobile Sound Machine

Illiri’s capabilities and opportunities expand far beyond mobile wallets and SMS technologies. It has the potential to change the way we fundraise, share, and collaborate, while making it safer to do so. Until now, the mobile sound experience, has been limited to a fairly superficial experience, like identifying a song on the radio, sending a text message or asking Siri if it’s raining. With Illiri sound can be a vehicle for much bigger things.

Image credit: Shutterstock / anigoweb