SDL Partners with Dynmark: Adds SMS Messaging to Mobile Marketing Strategies
SDL has announced a partnership with cloud mobile messaging and intelligence platform Dynmark to improve mobile marketing and customer management.

Mobile Marketing via SMS

These days almost everyone has a mobile device. Whether it be a smartphone or tablet these devices are constantly in use to connect people with family and friends, companies and brands through SMS, mobile websites and social apps.

This isn't something that has gone unnoticed as in recent years mobile marketing is becoming a viable tool. SDL has found that as with every tool, mobile marketing is still in its infancy and can be improved upon. One area that SDL highlighted for mobile marketing is SMS, or texting, as for many people these text-based conversations have become a preferred method of communication. This is the reason SDL has partnered with Dynmark.

Through this integration, SDL’s clients will be able to effectively add text messaging into their marketing strategy, which will improve the customer experience. It will show customers that brands are willing and able to connect with them across a variety of social channels that include social media and email. For marketers this enables them to have a better and deeper understanding of customer trends, needs and wants, as well as be able to connect with customers in a real-time capacity.

We are living in a 'mobile first' society, yet many marketers are struggling to embrace this new reality because they don't understand the role of mobile in the overall marketing mix said Bob Hale, CEO of SDL Campaign Management & Analytics division.

These new tools will be added to the recently released Intelligence Marketing Suite. The suite, which is composed of three different products: SDL Customer Analytics, SDL Campaign Manager, and SDL Email Manager are used in conjunction with each other to create a more personalized and targeted customer experience for individual customers. It can also be integrated and used with other SDL products and tools.

A Wide Range of Marketing Updates

As a customer experience-based company SDL is always looking for different ways to improve marketing so it is more effective. Over the last few months, recent additions to its product line and the company as a whole have included the hiring of Grant Johnson as its Chief Marketing Officer, the acquisition of mobile solutions provider Bemoko, the release of Fredhopper 7.5 and an integration with Machine Translation for text analytics purposes.

Image courtesy of nasirkhan (Shutterstock)