Ever since SDL bought Fredhopper in January 2010 it has been developing the technology to optimize the online shopping experience offered by retailers. Today with the release of v7.5, it has tweaked the Fredhopper technology again to offer retailers the ability to adapt an entire product catalog to target specific shoppers.

SDL, FredHopper

That SDL is now in a position to offer this not really a surprise given that it has been slowly upgrading its Trigger capabilities since 2010 and with each release has improved the functionality to provide better shopping experiences.

The Trigger technology matches products to perceived customer needs. In v7.2, which was released last July, it added the ability to personalize the user experience at a more granular level, and down to a specific product’s single attribute.

This release still offers cloud technologies for predictive targeting, personalization, onsite search and marketing, but also now offers e-Commerce marketers the ability to adapt all these capabilities to an entire product catalog, as well as the ability to scale the technology as needed for the best user experience.

SDL Fredhopper 7.5  Triggered Faceted Navigation.jpg

A Growing e-Commerce Market

SDL’s development of Fredhopper has to be seen in light of the  level of growth in the e-Commerce market. According to SDL, despite global economic difficulties sales in the B2C sector surpassed US$ 1 trillion in 2012 and is likely to push way beyond that this year.

The figures indicate that more and more consumers are going online to shop and are being exposed to a wider range of e-Commerce experiences.

Those retailers that don’t live-up to consumer expectations around the online shopping experience are going to be left behind, and personalization of that experience has just about become a prerequisite of any online retail store.

Fredhopper v7.5

In effect, retailers are now expected to provide a ‘smart’ store window that responds to customers based on where they’ve been, what they have bought before, and even their online browsing habits.

SDL Fredhopper 7.5  Triggered Redirects.jpg

SDL offers this through the Fredhopper Triggers that have been the main focus of upgrades since it bought Fredhopper. In v7.5 there are three major areas of improvements. These include:

  • Visual control: Fredhopper offers the marketer complete visual control over merchandizing based on triggers such as who the customer is, where they are and where they come from, and the time of year.
  • Simplified results: Offers the possibility of speeding up the process of modifying e-Commerce search results, easily changing catalog navigation, store redirects adapted to customer trends as well as monetizing more aspects of the online store.
  • Multiple brand sales: This enables online retailers to sell multiple brands without a conflict of interest. It's designed for product managers working with multiple brands that need to avoid conflicts between competing products.

This latest version of Fredhopper is out today.  Current Fredhopper users include some of the biggest online retailers in the world including Clarks, Conrad, and Debenhams.

Shopping Cart image courtesy of mtkang (Shutterstock)