Step away from your mobile strategy. Stay calm, walk slowly, and please, read this week's articles before you go any further.

We heard about common mistakes and mishaps in the creation of mobile experiences, but fear not, all hope is not lost. Our experts gave some valuable advice on what does work and possible solutions that will create a seamless experience for your user.

This week also saw the launch of a new series on taxonomy governance that promises to be filled with practical recommendations.

In Spite of Some Mistakes

Survival Guide to Avoiding Mobile Marketing ‘Death Traps’

Robert Carroll (@robcarroll): These days, you can read a lot of great articles about mobile technologies and the evolutionary shift from Web Content Management to Customer Experience Management. While we do need these great technology platforms to fulfill the promises of the mobile future, many of these stories forget one simple thing: the psychology of the mobile user.

Mobile Content Strategy: 7 Mistakes You Are Making Right Now

Ahava Leibtag (@ahaval): Mobile strategy is becoming increasingly complicated. As the choices of devices expand, users increasingly continue to access content from their mobile devices. What does this mean for you and your organization’s overall content strategy?

No Winners in the Battle of Forking vs. Responsive Design

Martin Rapavy (@bee_cms): We all want to deliver the best web experience possible, regardless of the device used for accessing it. With the rise of mobile access around the world we now face a problem: how to deliver the same experience across all devices?

The answer is dead simple (though many won’t agree): we can’t!

RIP to Your Corporate Websites

Sankaran Prithviraj: Buying behavior in the market undergoes fundamental change with tremendous velocity. Corporate CXOs need to wake up to this reality and do something concretely and quickly before their customers, and prospective customers, move right out from under their nose.

Solutions are in Sight

The Importance of Mobile in CXM: Buyers Top 4 Selection Criteria

Tony White (@arslogica): In response to CMSWire’s May 23 Tweet Jam on the role of mobile within customer experience management (CXM), I interviewed five of my company's end-user clients, as well as two leading CXM vendors, to ascertain what they viewed as the top 3-5 mobile CXM technology requirements.

Top 5 Rules for Creating User Friendly Mobile Apps

Walker Fenton (@walkerfenton): Good practices for mobile experience design are proliferating almost as quickly as the mobile devices themselves. But at the end of the day, it comes down to the user experience. So at the risk of entering the fray, I'm offering a few thoughts on what ingredients go into creating a great mobile experience.

Mobile in 2015: Delivering Superior Experiences

Dan Lewis (@dantheitman): In 2012, mobility is no longer a fantasy, rather it's the norm. Yet there are so many areas within the space that are still immature, especially the enterprise.

There are also still major shifts in platform adoption that are keeping the entire mobile realm in a state of flux. And with the rapid growth in tablets thanks to the iPad and developing options from Android manufacturers, we are seeing the rise in form factors that have previously only been the dream of high technologists.

It is interesting then to look at where we may be with regards to mobility in 2015. Where will the next 1000+ days take us? How much will change, how much will stay the same and how much will simply mature from what is available today?

Mobile in 2015 People and Disruptive Changes

Dan Lewis (@dantheitman): Following up on yesterday's look at mobile platforms, today I will look at two other elements that will shape the mobile experience in the next three years: people and progress.

A Hint of What's to Come....

The State of Collaboration: Time to Think Outside the 'Box'

Scott Raskin (@mindjetceo): Ask any executive and they’ll tell you that effective “collaboration” is more important than ever. The reason is simple: as teams communicate across disciplines and time zones, having the ability to share complex information quickly and accurately means the difference between project success and failure.

Yet, often that’s where agreement ends. While we’re seeing a serious enterprise need for solutions that allow for real-time teamwork, you’ll be hard-pressed to find agreement regarding exactly what “collaboration” entails and what benefits it brings.

Taxonomies, Web Experience and DIY Testing

Taxonomy Governance: Why You Need It, How It’s Done

Mike Doane (@mikedoane): I’ve written many times about why taxonomies are necessary for any kind of CMS, DAM or KM initiatives in the enterprise. Simply implementing an asset management system and letting it grow organically is no longer an accepted practice. There’s a reason why the term “SharePlosion” gets knowing nods when it’s mentioned in the same conversation about how content management systems are governed.

The True Price of Free and Cheap Technology: DIY Testing Solutions

Mark Simpson (@markj_simpson): Do-It-Yourself anything is hot, hot, hot right now. And thanks to the plethora of free technology platforms out there, people and companies are becoming instant online professionals — tackling everything from publishing, website programming and mobile development to SEO, behavioral analysis and content production.

But what gets lost in translation somewhere between identifying a business need and the free technology that promises to satisfy it is the fact that technology is only one part of the equation when it comes to doing things right.

Web Experience: Navigation and Search are Twins 

Gerry McGovern (@gerrymcgovern): Well-organized websites are easier to search and navigate.

People often ask me why they have to worry about navigation. They feel that once they buy the right search engine everyone will be able to find what they're looking for. In intranets, in particular, I often hear people say: "Why can't we just get Google?"

If only life were so simple.

Next week we will dive right in to the question "What's working in Social Business in 2012?" Check back if you want some answers!


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