On Wednesday, May 23rd, we gathered for a Tweet Jam to discuss the business case for mobile, among other things.  From our tablet devices, smartphone and mobile apps, we came together to better understand what goes into creating a great mobile experience. Should you develop a mobile app or optimize a mobile site? What metrics should you track? Most importantly, what drives us crazy about the current mobile experience?

A Focus on the Functional Mobile Experience

Something we learned from this experience: we'll never call it "mobile first" again, that's for sure!  But more importantly, we were able to bring the user experience to the forefront, not from a design standpoint (though that is still important), but rather from a functional, transactional standpoint. Additionally, no matter where you want to be it's still all about the people, the process and technology.

Learning Opportunities

Thanks to everyone who participated! We look forward to seeing you at our next Tweet Jam in June.