CMSWire hosted a Customer Experience Management tweet jam this past Wednesday, joined by a great line-up of industry experts. Our attention was focused on managing the mobile experience. Here is a summary of the discussion.

Mobile Rapidly Gaining Priority, Heading Towards Dominance

We have a poll running right now (vote here) that investigates the priority of the mobile channel as compared to the Web (Desktop/Laptop) channel. So far the results are telling us that mobile is rapidly gaining its place at the table -- roughly 44% of respondents place Mobile at an equal or higher priority vs. Web.

Here's a peek at the results:


If you haven't voted yet, I encourage you to vote today, as the poll will close on July 27th.

It seems the contributors to our tweet jam agreed the mobile must be addressed. Here are some highlights from the questions we asked:

Question #1: How do you see mobile channel priorities shifting in your customer base or organization?

David Hillis tweeted that the requests for mobile were rare 18 months ago, now it's unlikely you will see an organization who isn't considering it as part of their digital strategy. And as Mike Ferrara pointed out, once you see the competition doing it well, you jump to get your own strategy moving. I don't think anyone disagreed:

@sitecorejohn: All organizations must currently address both social and mobile without losing quality in their classic web site

@CoreMedia_News: With 100 mil iPhones and mobile payments reaching $670B by 2015 @juniperresearch – mobile is not something to ignore

@arslogica: For our clients, mobile has gone from just another delivery channel to a top opportunity for MARKETING.

@peteiuvara: We see mobile priorities trending very high as more consumers are expecting to be delivered value from handheld websites

@inantruscott: Agree with @twentworth and @sliewehr -- no longer an after thought - it is a core requirement to a digital engagement strategy

@pmpinsights: I am not sure there is such a distinction in calling it a "mobile channel" --- it's about the 360 degree user experience #CXMChat 

@sggottlieb: Still surprising how far companies are from execution.Even in obvious situations.

Question #2: How do you see mobile shifting the design and development process?

It use to be all about the website and then we added some social networking into the mix. Now mobile is taking organizations into new directions and changing the way to design and develop their solutions:

@socialsitecore: Design must be done for both mediums now or #CXM is not captured. Trend shifting to more use of mobile than traditional

@IanTruscott: Context! Absolutely -- that's sort of Q2 -- we need to engage over mobile with that context in mind...

@marisacp51: Need to focus on transactional goals when in comes to mobile UX, ecommerce, etc.that affects overall design, IMHO

@sitecorejohn: Mobile depends on core CMS best practices including separation of content from presentation

@danieloleary: As a designer, I start with mobile first now. Everything is all about touch and experience

@DaveScalera: Someday(soon) it won't be creating web/mobile UX, it will be creating singleMulti-channel UX using device detection to ENHANCE UX

@CoreMedia_NewsWe’re seeing a return to structured content -- modular and tagged using deep taxonomies for dynamic context-driven assembly

@njitram: Engagement on mobile is completely different, so most customers have 2processes, design & process integration is not there yet

@mikecferrara: Not all industries allow mobile to drive design paths. This Q depends heavily on market context.

@JoshAnstey: The CMS functionality is also important regarding how you can target devices and therefore design accordingly

@arslogica: Mobile is forcing companies to ditch CMS Implementations with little separation of content from look/feel.

@billycripe: Theimportance of content tagging & annotation is re-emerging. Taxonomy& structure is important again as mobile drives delivery

@sliewehr: Mobile experience is a component of the over web experience WEM attempts to manage. It's a sub-part.

Question #3: What new design approaches / strategies are working well?

Mobile apps vs Web Apps, that's one consideration for design/mobile strategy. But even more important is understanding your audience and designing for them, ensuring your Web CMS supports mobile or maybe dropping the Web CMS altogether:

Learning Opportunities

@hyounpark_AG: Mobile CMS must include usage, text, social, location-based & app-driven interactions to capture full scope.

@twentworth12: Apps are being developed by agencies who aren't thinking about CMS at the core. That's why we don't see them

@CoreMedia_News: Q3 It’s not enough to reproduce an existing Web site and simply reformat it for a specific mobile device

@davidhillis: Customers moving to mobile web. But they are not mutually exclusive. However, Apps our an outlier for most of our customers.

@danieloleary: RT @cmswire: Q3: Strategy = copy successful apps? - More like copy successful interfaces IMO

@JoshAnstey: Understanding your audience and target market & then designing accordingly. That works well! :-)

@arslogica: Q3 Some clients have relied successfully on device detection, nav modification, etc., built into a WCMS

@billycripeRememberthat mobile is quick, goal oriented & immediate.Your info, yoursystem, your app should support that user paradigm

@arslogicaQ3Relying on a WCMS for mobile is really only a temporary step. But itcan be a good first step at the "static-to-mobile" stage.

@dirkmonson: Forus, mobile means semantic code that functions correctly on multipleplatforms - not targeting a specific device or interface.

Q4: Is “mobile first” becoming a reality for your customers or in your organization?

Is it Mobile first? In our reader poll 15% have said yes, but most said no or not yet. Mobile is equal with the website. Maybe it depends on the company and its market. Others say mobile first is a design principal and that the approach is really customer first:

@socialsitecore: "Mobile First" is not yet a reality yet.2-3 years needed. "Mobile Yes" is and should be focus.

@BrianBuzz: For some of the SMBs I work with, mobile is still not something they can cost-justify.

@CoreMedia_News: You need a “customer first” approach that takes into account user context, as well as the capabilities of the device

@twentworth12: Mobile first is a design principal - that mobile sites often meet user goals better than desktop sites.

@billycripe: seeing the orgs I work with exploring a "mobile also" rather than a "mobile first" approach.

@JoshAnstey: As opposed to 'Mobile First' need to understand the users and customers first! Then it can flow.

@arslogica: Mobile first?Not for most.But “mobile too” is a reality for sure.It’s co-first in the travel and tourism industry.

Question #5: What is the biggest mobile challenge in 2011?

At the beginning of the year we did a poll that said that mobile was a key channel for 2011, yet it didn't top the list of priorities for most organizations. It seems a lot has changed in the last few months. Still there are challenges to overcome when it comes to implementing a mobile strategy:

@socialsitecore: Q5 I see geo-targeting with customized content generated through #CMS for mobile as a major challenge in 2011 for small biz

@sitecorejohn: #CXMChat Q5 It might be impossible to identify largest single challenge, but finding commonality in a device plethora is significant

@arslogica: Q5How to craft a mobile marketing strategy that communicates in the right ways (what times? how often? where? which offer?)

@CoreMedia_News: Q5 Figuring out how to be truly cross channel yet still fully optimized for each device and platform

@danieloleary: Q5 tackling misconceptions and backwards thinking. Mobile is all about bottom up / consumer IT, not the old way

@JoshAnstey: Q5 - Biggest challenge is around understanding the users and creating engaging experiences for them on mobile devices

@mikecferrara: Q5 Biggest challenge is still platform choice, then a close 2nd is security/compliance

@IanTruscott: #CXMChatQ5 - Risk long term: potential silo'd/tactical thinking today outsidegood content practices, can't chase each channel like this

@CoreMedia_News: Q5 #Gartner predicts that by 2016, one-third of worldwide mobile consumer marketing will be context-aware

@sggottlieb: #CXMChat Biggest challenge.Prioritization.New things happening but traditional platforms are still important.

Just a Sample

This is a good summary, but it's just a sample of what was said in the tweet jam. A mix of Web CMS/Web Engagement vendors and consultants/analysts, there are some great ideas/insights into managing the mobile experience. I learned more by going back and skimming the archive.

I recommend that you do the same. But don't stop there, there's a comments section where you can leave your thoughts and a twitter stream to keep the talk going (just use the hashtag #cxmchat).

Additional Reading

Our focus this month has been about cross-channel customer experience strategies and we have a number of articles that discuss different aspects. We encourage you to read them. And we look forward to continuing the conversation.