Better Web Experiences
February brings a new editorial focus -- building better web experiences with marketing automation. To get started, let's take a minute to look at the 5 pillars of web experience.

If this truly is the year of the customer then marketers need to put together the right tools to build a great web experience.

Get Ready for the Super Bowl
The Super Bowl is on many a man's -- and woman's mind. Whether its RIM's BlackBerry's new BB10 ad, all the mobile videos you could ask for, or a dedicated social NewsHub, we know marketers are doing their best to get your attention. Want to take bets on who wins?

The CMSWire Community
Monday was Community Manager Appreciation Day. Hats off to our own community manager Marisa Peacock.

This month, we have two great events in the works focused on web experience, our #CXMChat Tweet Jam and a Google Hangout with a panel of WEM providers. We're excited to get started!

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