Marisa Peacock is the duly designated community manager at CMSWire, and we want to say thank you for her valuable time and the inspired work she does in extending the CMSWire circle ever wider on this special day. It's Community Manager Appreciation Day! What? It's a real thing!

Respect the Community

We all want to live in a respectful environment, and community managers like Marisa help us do that every day by engaging different groups of people in meaningful and constructive ways. As the online world subsumes a greater and greater portion of the work day, community managers are often the gatekeepers to any website's real potential.

That's because so many websites, especially in the media and content sector, are focused on creating original, highly sought after stories, videos and images. Not that community managers don't also do that, but most of us here at CMSWire are not as focused on interacting with our readers as Marisa, for example.

Oh, she's trying to get us to change. We are old media dogs, for the most part, and we are often wary of her new, more interactive ways.

All kidding aside, community managers like Marisa have a tough row to hoe. On the one hand, they need to gain the trust of those who visit the website, as well as reach out to new realms via social media and other channels.

Think You've Got What it Takes?

Want to be community guru? Start by thanking the nearest community manager you can find. The simple act of reaching out to people in that way is exactly the kind of chutzpah it takes to lead in this field.

Community managers do have to be many things to plenty of different people. Such is the life of a social butterfly trapped inside the taskmaster's body. Jeremiah Owyang, the initator of Community Manager Appreciation Day, looked into the complex demands businesses are making of Community Managers in a post marking today.

As a community manager, responsibilities often include, but are not limited to, watching over threads and customers, providing one on one attention for pressing issues and blogging about products or services. Additionally, these vigilant folks need to be on the lookout for spam and trolls that often dwell in comment sections and in social media.

Social Media

Social media is usually a big part of this, though many times the role of social media chief is separate. Spearheading the social medias like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn really does take up a full week's worth of work, a big reason this is often separated out to another person.

Even so, the community manager must be a part of these groups because customers are always there, and where the customers are, so the community manager must be as well.

Glamorous? No (not yet). Critical linchpin of any successful online enterprise? Of course!

Thank you Marisa, for being the talented, capable community manager we couldn't do without. Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!