Twitter's IPO is a Flashback
Twitter's IPO this week achieved a valuation among the most successful companies on earth before it has returned any capital at all -- something that hasn't happened since 1999

Humans Trump Big Data
Improving analytics skills is all good, but there's a very real danger here as well -- one that increases with big data, for big data is fueling this obsession with numbers.

Modern Intranets Come Full Circle
We're now seeing an organizational social hub where employees can collaborate like never before --and things are just getting started.

RTC to Kill Skype?
Web Real-Time Communication (RTC), when it's finalized and starts to be deployed over the next year, will affect nearly all of the technology giants, including Apple, Cisco, Google and Microsoft -- and the headline feature must have Skype worried

Big Data Getting Smarter
The latest partnership between SAS and SAP leverages the SAP very fast in-memory HANA platform and the analytics capabilities of SAS software. The goal is to broaden SAS' capabilities around big data analysis.

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