Customer Engagement Solution, Totango has announced updates to its platform designed to improve the digital marketing experience.

Customer engagement is an important part of any company's marketing plan; they not only have to be promoting products and services, but a one-on-one relationship with customers is essential to address all of their questions and concerns.

This is where Totango helps. Although they only launched a little over a year ago, the company has noticed that there are areas that need improvement and have updated their platform to cater to these needs.

The Problem with Marketing

In what Totango defines as "The User Era," more and more companies are devoting time, money and effort into online campaigns and digital marketing, but are running into a slew of problems.

According to a survey of 75 marketers in November, Totango found that while 61 percent of marketing revenue comes from existing customers, only 21 percent of their budget is dedicated to maintaining this relationship. Despite this, according to an earlier survey by Totango, SAAS executives are trying to improve these numbers, as 57 percent said that they planning to improve customer metrics.

This isn't the only problem that marketing departments face; many companies aren't up to date with how quickly the software industry changes. Despite 61 percent of the participants in the SaaS survey saying they offer a free product trial or free plan to customers, only 15 percent of customers end up upgrading to a paid plan, 70 percent of marketing teams don't have feedback on what customers do when testing the product and over half of customers who end up buying the product end up not using it.

With these results in mind, Totango has found that marketers who are more prepared for "The User Era" are 20 times more successful and those that narrow or personalize their marketing campaigns have 40 percent more revenue than those who don't.


The Totango Solution

Totango has updated their platform based on this research with a variety of tools aimed at helping to improve these numbers, marketing techniques and according to Totango "more easily define and track a customer’s journey from onboarding to first value to established customer." New features include:

  • Tags and Triggers: Totango has added tags and triggers so that customers can be organized and notes can be made about how a company should be engaging with them. For example, in adding an "onboarding" tag to new customers they are separated from existing customers, while with triggers can be add to track account progress.
  • Insights: Accomplishments and other marketing progress can be shared through the Totango for Salesforce product.
  • Follows and Alerts: Engaging with customers in real-time is one of the most important parts of being a successful marketer. Email and update alerts, for example, can be sent to team members about the success of a particular campaign or to tell the team a customer has decided to upgrade from a free account to a paid one.

Totango Training

In addition to their product upgrades, Totango is also offering their SaaS clients personal "Customer Journey Mapping" workshops to help them understand, track progress of and properly engage with customers.