Touchpoint Dashboard Launches Customer Journey Mapping Tool
How do you track customers’ interactions with your company? Touchpoint Dashboard has released an online customer journey mapping tool to do just that.

The Wichita, Kansas-based company said that the software is the first SaaS application of its kind. It allows a company to map all customer touchpoints, visualize how customers feel, and analyze where problems exist.

Touchpoints, Attributes

By using this mapping, Touchpoint said, a business can see where it fails to meet customer expectations, how that failure is affecting the bottom line, and what activities are costing the most in terms of loyalty, retention and profitability.

The Journey Map shows a grid where columns represent the customer journey or lifecycle, rows indicate company departments and the squares at the intersections are the touchpoints. Clicking on a touchpoint shows its attributes or details. Each one can be scored to determine cost, impact and ROI. Its colors can indicate touch type such as phone, email, in-person or web.

Touchpoint screenshot.png

Charts and reports can be generated that either summarize or detail the map and the attributes. Filters allow for touchpoints to be isolated by their attributes. In a pain point analysis of the same touchpoints, columns indicate importance to customer, rows indicate cost to fix, and colors indicate source of the pain point.

Multiple Users

The online application allows multiple users to participate in the mapping process without the need for additional licenses -- according to the company, this is a key difference between Touchpoint and other mapping tools. Dashboard views of information and reports can be customized for specific needs such as presentations to executives or departmental teams.

Touchpoint co-founder Anne Cramer said in a statement that industry analysts and consultants are promoting customer journey mapping as an effective tool but “they are telling us that they are frustrated with the inefficiencies associated with traditional mapping methods”.  Her company, which began as a project to make journey mapping easier than it was on consultant-led customer experience projects, was filling a need for “an easy-to-use journey mapping tool that delivers action-oriented business intelligence".