This week, a new social media management platform has emerged. Tracx is a modular and scalable platform designed to provide professional users all the tools necessary to build, manage and monetize their social media presence.

Engaging Customers From Start to Finish 

It used to be that only e-Discovery platforms talked about "end-to-end’ project management," but more social media has incorporated the jargon. Tracx calls itself the “end-to-end social media management system” and tackles the complete online campaign lifecycle. From soup to nuts, as the saying goes, users can expect to handle everything from sentiment analysis, influencer engagement, as well as analyze the competitor landscape -- all from one platform.

It’s hard to know exactly which social media platform is right for you. There are so many now -- some free, some premium, all offering a host of different services. Social media already overwhelms businesses, so having too many options or not enough to help you effectively manage and evaluate your online engagement, can be downright frustrating.

The Whole Picture

Tracx knows this and spells it out for its customers. It takes a holistic approach to collecting, analyzing and reporting of all data. Instead of reporting on individual posts, the information tracked and gathered is treated as a complete conversation that can be analyzed, allowing a true evaluation of user engagement levels.


Trends detection


Real time monitoring


Influencer outreach

On the Right Track 

With more than 180 brands and agencies already on board, Tracx is on track (sorry, I couldn’t resist) to make a dent within the social media management industry. It also doesn’t hurt to have secured US$ 4.4 million in Series B funding (led by Flybridge Capital Partners and Revel Partners). While the funding will be used to fuel the company’s growth and international expansion, it’s never a bad thing to see investors taking notice upon launching.

Tracx is available for brands for a flat monthly fee, while professional users can pay either by brand or by seat, per month. Both come with unlimited data, results, topics, terms, queries and competitor definitions.