Would you like to get pinged about trends before they go viral? This week, Toronto-based TrendSpottr announced the launch of TrendSpottr Alert, which sends real-time notifications of emerging trends, news and events based on the company’s predictive analysis of big data. 

The service, which had been in beta testing, is designed for users who prefer to receive trends rather than monitor a dashboard. The company is also partnering with social ROI platform provider Lymbix to offer real-time sentiment analysis of the trends.

Freemium Model

In a statement, Trendspottr CEO Mark Zohar said that his company serves as “an early warning system for global enterprises, marketers, PR agencies, governments, financial institutions and consumers,” so that they can “get ahead of the curve” in their digital marketing, strategy and positioning decisions.

With Alerts, anyone can create a customized notification for any keyword, topic or hashtag -- such as for their brand, product, industry, competitor or any other subject -- and receive email alerts. The notification includes a summary of the trend, with a click-through to receive more detail and an indication as to whether the trend is Extreme, High or Elevated in strength.

The notification also offers the ability to post the trending item directly to any of the main social networking services, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Sentiment analysis via Lymbix indicates whether the trend is Positive, Neutral or Negative, a detailed page of analytics provides real-time monitoring of the trend.

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From the Trendspottr blog

One alert from the company’s ten most popular alerts is offered for free and via a subscription, a user can create and customize multiple alerts. An API allows Alerts to be customized and integrated into other products and systems. TrendSpottr said it will also provide its alert service so it can be re-offered by other companies under their brands.

Widget, Salesforce

Use cases for trend monitoring analytics can include PR departments that want to keep an eye out for any publicity-disasters-in-the-making that could affect their companies, or for a niche that represents an opportunity.

Trending topics are already offered by or for Google, Twitter, Storify and others, but Trendspottr is intended to encompass those and to more precisely anticipate trends before they've gone viral and everyone knows about them. Trendspottr has said that its alerts are not just keyword based as others are, but are posted only when they reflect other information and when they appear to have predictive aspects -- that is, the wave is building. 

In July, Trendspottr released a widget for websites featuring trends that had been available through its dashboard. The company is rolling out advertising to those website widgets, as well as offering a paid, white label version. In October, TrendSpottr tools were one of 20 added to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.