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 As Twitter puts up a site highlighting the top tweets of 2012, ever wondered what you were tweeting about back in 2006 or whenever you started using the mini messaging service? Now you can dig into your personal archive.

Back in the Day

Whenever you, among half-a-billion other people, joined Twitter,  you were probably posting a few test missives before getting down to putting your social media stamp all over your account. But what were you posting? There was no easy way to find out, until now. 

The Twitter blog has updated showing how to access your Tweet history, the feature is rolling out to users now, so if you haven't got it, try again soon, although it may be weeks or months in appearing. If you have, its in the bottom of your Settings, and is called "Request your archive."

If you see it, click the button and you get an email providing a link to your history, which you can download, search and sort through. Will it inspire you to complete unfinished business, remind you of people you've forgotten, or merely make you wonder what the heck you were talking about?

Learning Opportunities

Twitter Takes on the TV Ratings

Perhaps this historical navel gazing was brought on by Twitter's 2012 review. If you want to see what was tweeted about most in 2012, check out Twitter's look back at the year site. Then, why not compare them to what Google's Zeitgeist told us about the year? 

Finally in this blast of Twitter news, If you happen to tweet lots about TV, then get ready to make an impact on the ratings, as Twitter has also recently inked a deal with Nielsen to create the “Nielsen Twitter TV Rating,” an new buzz metric based entirely on Twitter data.

With more and more folk watching TV with a smartphone or tablet in their hands, it'll be cool to see what people are tweeting about as they watch. With Zeebox and other apps that mix TV and social media, expect lots of action in this area in 2013.