Both classes of Windows Phone, the  7 and 8 OS powered devices will be getting updates in the near future. WP8 devices are getting a fix for the random reboot issue, while Windows Phone 7 users will finally get the big update to 7.8 that represents Microsoft's peace offering to those left behind. 

Reboot to the Head

Microsoft plans to put up an over-the-air software fix in December to fix the odd reboot problem that has plagued some Windows Phone 8 users. In a statement yesterday, the company said that it has identified the cause with its partners and plans to get the update out soon. Microsoft hasn't said if it is a class-wide issue, or only affecting on some phones. 

Both Nokia and HTC models have demonstrated the issue, but it is not clear how widespread the problem is.  Many users have had no trouble, and any problems like this tend to become amplified with any new model of phone or gadget. 

A 7.8 on the Farewell Scale

For those not upgrading to a Windows Phone 8 model, there are still a large number of Windows Phone 7 users that are waiting on the promised 7.8 upgrade from Microsoft that will give them some of the features of WP8. 

The update might be out this week according to various romors and offers the new-style start screen plus new color schemes and Bing-stlye lock screen wallpaper. Here's one of Microsoft's early teases of the update and its features.  

There is still no word from the company on sales of Windows Phone 8 devices and it went onsale too late to appear in any analyst estimates. However, the company was quite happy to trumpet its high Windows 8 license sales.