Care to evaluate the effectiveness of your Facebook posts? Hoverstats, a new tool from Webtrends, allows you to do just that.  

Webtrends Hoverstats

Essentially, the new offering is a scoring system. Via analytics overlaid on Facebook Pages, the Post Strength Indicator (PSI) acts as the heart of the tool by assigning a score to individual posts. The scores rank from one to 100, each based on key indicators including (but not limited to) likes, shares, comments and reach:



Putting a number on each post obviously lends brands a very straightforward way to gauge whether their content is effectively engaging fans and their friends.

"With our new PSI score system, we're helping marketers, one post at a time, develop and publish Facebook wall content that fans truly engage with," explained Alex Yoder, chief executive officer, Webtrends. "Overall, we see this as a way to help make the Facebook ecosystem a better place for both brands and users."

Get in on the Action

If you've got Google Chrome and a Facebook Page, you've got all you need for Hoverstats. The free plug-in will eventually be available for other browsers as well, including Internet Explorer and Firefox.

And, bonus! It can be used on its own or with the Webtrends Social suite, which aims to be a "social media command center" by allowing users to create and manage a presence on Facebook without integrating tools or writing any code.

"With the evolution into Webtrends Social, we are now able to help social marketers with their full range of duties in a suite designed to monetize fan programs, not just build them," said Peter Yared, VP of Social, Webtrends. "Social marketers need help consolidating the slew of tools they require to do their job while showcasing what exactly is driving value and why."

For continued Facebook marketing goodness, I'd recommend keeping an eye on Webtrends in general.  The company is one of the few taking part in Facebook's recent Pages Insights Alpha program, and was provided alpha access to the new Page Insights API data.