Weekend Reads: Dropbox vs. SharePoint + How Technology Changes Media & Entertainment
The leaves are changing, the air is crisp. Fall has arrived. Whether you've just returned from your morning hike or you are still laying under your covers, waiting for the sun to warm up your house, what better way to kick off your Saturday than with our weekend reads. This week we talked Dropbox and SharePoint -- who wins for best file sharing solution? We also took a look at how technology is changing media and entertainment and discussed how communities can help delight customers. So, sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads. 

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Business people everywhere are taking sides -- team Dropbox vs team SharePoint. Each solution has pros and cons and relying on others to make the decision for you simply won't work. So how can you decide which is right for you? Check out David Lavenda's Dropbox vs. SharePoint: What's The Right Document Sharing Solution for You? to find out. 

On one side, 200 million business users have voted to use Dropbox, a simple but inherently unsecure solution. On the other side, 135 million enterprise user ballots have been cast by corporate IT for Microsoft SharePoint, a hard(er) to use but secure solution... So who is right? Workers who opt for convenience and ease of use, or IT who opts for security and governance at the cost of usability? The answer is course…it depends."

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This week, our must-read contender articles include:

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It's no secret that technology changes everything in this world. As new technology is developed we change the way we work and play. So how has technology changed media and entertainment, and where is it going? Check out Breaking Bad: How Technology is Changing Media & Entertainment by Deb Miller.

As consumers, we have all directly experienced the dramatic changes happening throughout the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry. From music to television, books and movies, new and innovative technology has been a major, and at times quite disruptive, factor in reforming the industry’s business models. It is only karmic then that M&E companies are using technology in turn to create solutions that deal with the underlying changes in long established production practices and distribution approaches."

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Top Customer Experience Article

Some of us shutter at the mention of call centers. We think of those pesky people who always call us at supper time, trying to gain some type of information on a topic we could care less about at that moment. Other call centers, the ones that aren't so annoying, provide customers with the opportunity to call in and ask questions or share their concerns. But, can call centers, of any type, really be an effective choice for providing a positive customer experience? Find out in Maria Ogneva's How Communities Can Help You Get "Unstuck" and Delight Customers

Call centers in their current incarnation were developed to solve customer issues in the most efficient and scalable way possible, assuming that customers wanted to call or email companies. Today, we have way more channels than phone and email, and the “call” can come from anywhere -- putting employees nowhere near a call center in a position to directly interact with the customer. Sometimes, customers don’t even want to talk to the company -- they want to tap into existing knowledge or talk to someone else."

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