This week brought us some very interesting articles related to our month long theme on Customer Journeys. In the world of Social Business we took a look at social intranets and what the future holds for enterprise portals, while over in Information Management we learned the five things you should know before making the move to SharePoint Online.

Top Customer Experience Article

It seems as if many companies are attempting to use customer journeys to control the customer experience. But that's not what they should be about. According to Mitch Lieberman's (@mjayliebs) article Rethinking the Customer Journey: To Change Direction You Might Need a Map, companies need to reevaluate their perspective on customer journey's -- it's not about control it's about understanding: 

It is not about managing the experience or controlling the journey. It is about understanding your customers and the roads they like to travel. Brands can only be successful in the future if they adopt new strategies to provide value along the journey at each step and enhance the experience for their customers and they can only achieved that, by listening, learning, engaging and understanding."

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Top Social Business Article

Gia Lyons (@gialyons) believes traditional intranets are killing your company, so what is her solution? Social Intranets. In her article, Lyons addresses How Social Intranets Cultivate High Performers

To address obstacles to high performance, including a lack of collaboration and ability to share, you need the power of social business. Keep in mind, social doesn't mean a stack of software tools. Instead, it is a way of doing business that offers a seamless flow of information, context and activity across different applications and business activities."

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Top Information Management Article

In an ever growing phenomenon, more and more programs have been making the shift to online versions -- even our beloved SharePoint. So, what should you know before making the switch? Steven Pogrebivsky (@metavistech) tells you in 5 Things You Should Know Before You Migrate to SharePoint Online.

You've been thinking about it -- moving to Microsoft’s hosted version of SharePoint. Before you make that final decision, make sure you know about these five things."

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