Careful when hitting Ctrl-C or Cmd-C. You might just be sending identifiable user data to a server somewhere. Such technologies have their uses in brand marketing, after all, considering the amount of content that users read every day. Social ad targeting company 33Across is now looking to apply the same technology to the publishing world with its acquisition of Tynt.

Copy, Paste

Have you ever wondered about that additional text that comes after those few lines of content when you copy and paste? These usually come in a "Read More ..." line with a link after the text, which refers back to the source. Tynt is one such company that has developed publisher tools that "leverage the power of copy and paste." However, it's not just the added text that Tynt offers. Copy-paste actions can be much more powerful, in that the action can be used to measure user engagement by tracking how effective a publisher's social networking activities and search engine optimization are.

Neither 33Across nor Tynt has disclosed specifics about the deal, although 33Across CEO Eric Wheeler says the entire Tynt team will be coming onboard his company. With the acquisition, 33Across now has "the largest social and interest graph across the world," citing an aggregate 1.25 billion users between 33Across and Tynt.

Brand Loyalty

33Across releases a regular Brand Graph, which reveals data and analysis on the performance of marketing campaigns and the behavior of users. In its most recent Brand Graph, brands were reportedly able to predict groups of new customers "likely to become loyal" 7-30 times larger than their existing audience segments. Meanwhile, "brand lift" increased 15% to 77% and direct response increased by 20% to 151% among the brands and industries analyzed.

33Across's Wheeler says the acquisition will help the company reach "both sides of the ecosystem," meaning the company's audience now extends beyond advertisers. With Tynt's focus on helping publishers analyze the effectiveness of their campaigns, 33Across is now primed to service both advertisers and publishers.