Yahoo's wallet remains firmly open as it picks up yet another company (at least its third this month), this time focusing on the small business offerings of Lexity to expand its ecommerce range. 

Shopping for Business Comes First

This is an interesting pick for Yahoo, adding a small-biz ecommerce-focused firm to its roster of consumer or back-end acquisitions. Lexity offers apps across a huge range of ecommerce stores, including Yahoo's own, helping to set up stores, create incentive programs, watch campaigns, handle customer interactions and much more. 

They're all priced with the small store firmly in mind from a few dollars a month to a few cents per user, and other affordable mechanisms, with plenty of free trials. And, as you can see, run on most commerce platforms across the Web. Not bad for a company just four-years old. 

For small businesses for whom every sale and client counts, Lexity offers a quick and easy way to boost those numbers and attract loyalty from growing businesses and interest from those starting out. The company's lead product is Lexity Live which offers free real time visitor tracking, analytics and insights for ecommerce


Lexity supports a wide range of store platforms including Yahoo's own

Reborn To Acquire

The new Yahoo has been on a spending mission in Marissa Mayer's tenure with recent picks including Qwiki among others. With its wide spread approach to products and portals, Yahoo is unlikely to refocus all that effort only on Yahoo stores, but could give more priority and added features to those for its own shops. 

A blog post from Lexity suggests that it will be business-as-usual going forward, maintaining the small business focus. Certainly, this move will boost the smaller company's profile and attract more users to the service. 

As far as Yahoo is concerned, it looks like the buying spree won't end here, but are there one or two more big checks in the post to help continue the company's revival, or is the focus on small and nimble to edge the overall customer experience up by notches.