Yahoo Buys Flurry to Personalize the Mobile Experience

Yahoo Buys Flurry to Personalize the Mobile Experience

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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is intent on becoming a mobile-first company and when it comes to advertising revenue, let’s just say there’s room for improvement. Last week the company reported discouraging earnings of $1.08 billion in revenues, 4 percent less than for the same quarter last year. Display revenue, which Mayer hoped to raise, actually fell 8 percent.

And while companies in Yahoo’s position sometimes look for ways to solve their problems from within, Mayer prefers to shop. In slightly more than two years at the helm of the Internet pioneer, she has purchased blogging site Tumblr, social web startup RockMelt, social diary company Wander and technical recruiting firm Distill. Earlier this month, she bought RayV, which streams  high-quality video to computers and mobile devices

How’s that strategy working for you, Marissa? In any case, let’s hope that today’s purchase is a charm.

Understanding App Audiences


Yahoo has just confirmed it bought Flurry, an analytics company that builds solutions to help mobile developers understand their app audience, usage and performance.

“Data and analytics is at the center of everything we do,” said the company’s website.

Late today Flurry CEO Simon Khalaf posted the news on the company’s website. In it, he recalled the company’s history and said thanks to the developers who have worked with them.

Learning Opportunities

Today, Flurry is entering a new phase of its life,” he wrote in the blog post. "I am excited to announce that we have reached an agreement to be acquired by Yahoo and expect to be joining Yahoo very soon. Like us, Yahoo is committed to mobile and has become a mobile first company with over 450 million mobile MAUs, a number that has grown by 36 percent since last year.“

Khalaf ends the post calling out to mobile developers:

Yahoo is committed to being a part of consumers’ daily life on mobile. More importantly, Yahoo knows that it can’t do this alone. We need the help of all the mobile app developers to deliver great content, services and experiences to billions of consumers.”

Yahoo said that 170,000 developers use Flurry analytics tools and that Flurry sees app activity from 1.4 billion devices each month.

That’s a lot of manpower at Mayer’s fingertips if the developers follow Flurry’s lead.