Yahoo continues its attempt to reinvent itself with a variety of updates and features, which now include Yahoo Stream Ads and an interactive billboard ad.

An Advertising Addition

Over the past few years the relevance of Yahoo has dwindled with the rise of Google and other social sites. Although in the past year the company has taken steps to reconnect with its target audience by becoming a more modernized and personalized platform, which now includes advertising tools.

“As we continue to build products and features that inspire and entertain our users, we're committed to delivering engaging and effective advertising opportunities,” wrote Yahoo CEO Marisa Mayer in a blog post.

The stream ad, which is modelled after Yahoo’s new newstream is similar to Google ads. These ads will run side by side the streamed news articles as a “sponsored twin” to the other content and are personalized to a user's interests.

Despite the stream ad being a new format for Yahoo, it’s not an entirely new premise.

"For now Yahoo isn't introducing any new ways for marketers to target Stream Ads, such as by what other content appears in a user’s stream, and advertisers won’t be able to target the ads by device or specify certain creative to only run on certain devices,” said Tim Peterson of Adweek. “Instead they’ll purchase the ads through a self-serve platform on a cost-per-click basis, and Yahoo will handle the targeting according to its existing parameters.”

Although Mayer has faith in the service its ability to improve content discovery.

Like with web search, users appreciate complementary, unobtrusive advertising and we're committed to delivering just that,” she wrote.


As for the billboard ad, which is similar to a banner ad, it will appear at the top of a user’s screen. Mayer says that the ad acts as a portal to other information about the product or service. For example, if the ad is movie trailer, it could also link other information about the film, such as the cast and where to buy tickets.

Despite a few misgivings, this ad approach could be an important step for Yahoo and its advertising sector.

The native [stream] ads should be accessible to a broad swath of the advertisers,” said Apoorav Gilotra of GadgetAdda. “While the billboard is aimed at bigger companies with deeper pockets.”

Content is the Key to the Consumer’s Heart

Advertising isn't the only way that Yahoo aims to improve its relatability. It has also introduced variety of media ventures and partnerships.

According to the Online Media Daily, the company has launched a collection of television shows, such as We Need Help, Tiny Commando and Ghost Girls and partnered with a variety of media companies and organizations, such as Saturday Night Live and Disney’s ABC New Network, to distribute their content.

With this partnership idea in mind, Yahoo has also introduced an new video ad buying procedure, which is a combination of topical video channels and distributed content from partners that results in 18 different channels for users to choose from.

Change is in the Air

Yahoo has been revamping itself as a company over the past year. In addition to recently acquiring Summly to improve information accessibility, the company immediately incorporated the technology into its iOS app and has also redesigned its email platform.