customer experience: yahoo comscore results
Yahoo’s redesign seems to be paying off as the media company pulled ahead of Google for web traffic according to a report from comScore.

King of the Mountain (for July)

Over the past few years, Yahoo has entered a bit of a slump as more people turned to Google as their default cloud storage, email, search engine and news platform. But with the hire of Marisa Mayer last July, Yahoo's gone through a series of revamps and redesigns.

The comScore report, “Media Metrix Rankings for July 2013,” looked at U.S. based internet activity from data collected by the comScore Media Metrix service. The service reported on three areas: Top 10 Gaining Site Categories, Top 50 Properties (U.S.) and Ad Focus Rankings (U.S.). It found that during July Yahoo seemed to pull well ahead of its competition.

In the Top 50 Properties field Yahoo sites had a total of 196,564 unique visitors, compared with Google’s 192,251 visitors. The top five sites were rounded out by Microsoft, Facebook and AOL.In the Ad Focus Rankings Yahoo had 196,564 unique visitors and an 87 percent reach; this was followed by ShareThisand Outbrain. Google came in fourth.

comscore results top 50 properties

According toTodd Wasserman this is the first time Yahoo has been ahead of Google for a while.

Learning Opportunities

That's the first time Yahoo has bested Google in this measure since April 2011, according to a comScore rep,” he wrote. “Yahoo had a little more than 400,000 more visitors than Google did in that time.”

Reading Between the Lines

While this data suggests Yahoo has made great strides in the past year, reports are noting that there are a few things readers should be aware of.

Barbara Kollmeyer mentions that this information is only based off a month’s worth of data and when Yahoo released its quarterly results, it fell short of expectations.

As Yahoo’s second-quarter results showed last month, the company is on a turnaround track, but its core businesses are still struggling amid stiff competition and a rapid audience shift to mobile,” she wrote. "Yahoo cut its full-year earnings-and-sales forecast, and its outlook for the third quarter fell short of hopes.”

Sophie Curtis also said that while the report covers key information, it seems incomplete.

The comScore figures do not include Tumblr, (the social networking website Yahoo purchased last year), which pulled in 38.4 million unique visitors of its own in July,” she wrote. "They also do not include mobile traffic, according to comScore, which is significant given that Yahoo is widely considered to be lagging in mobile.”

A FewYahoo Developments

In spite of these doubts, since Mayer took over the CEO position, there have been a lot of changes for Yahoo, starting with a redesigned email. This was followed by a number of acquisitions like Tumblr,Summly, GhostBird, Lexity and Admovate. The company also introduced home stream ads, added new features to Flickr and closed services like classic mail and search engine Alta Vista.