Yesmail, an email marketing firm, has announced a partnership with a company called TrueEffect to bolster its ability to deliver relevant ads by combining email data with TrueEffect's ad serving capabilities.

Sweet, Sweet Data

Effective targeting is a huge part of digital marketing, so Yesmail is counting on using its stores of email marketing data to boost its ad serving effectiveness. Yesmail plans to serve ads only to those who have responded to its email marketing platform, and the TrueEffect technology will purportedly help it do that.

Yesmail hopes to use this behavioral data to improve accuracy and measurement of marketing campaigns by way of what it already knows about customers via email. This blending of technologies seems like a logical choice to make, even if it means partnering with an outside firm to do it.

Information on exactly who opens emails and who clicks on what is precisely the kind of data that can be used for ad targeting. Yesmail is touting the partnership's ability to produce multichannel consistency, reach new customers and more accurately measure campaigns.

TrueEffect Cookie Technology

TrueEffect uses what are called first-party cookies to track website visits, a way to combat the controversial third-party cookies that have rankled privacy advocates. These browser cookies don't get deleted as quickly or easily via anti virus scans, and they are more easily accepted on mobile devices as well. This ability could help Yesmail ads to get in front of a wider audience, likely a key to this partnership.

In April, Yesmail released another tool to help improve message deliverability a product called Data Intelligence. It scrubs email lists to get rid of spam or fake accounts to speed up delivery and avoid bouncing messages and ISP blocking. The best email marketers scrub their emails weekly or monthly, Yesmail contends, and that could lead to higher deliverability and better campaign results.