Canto's (news, site) new Cumulus Sites DAM manager helps companies get their assets to specific people, groups or the whole world, quickly and efficiently.

The digital asset management market is rapidly moving from a back-end resource to a full-frontal assault on the Web. Cumulus is the latest company to produce a friendly way for enterprises to get their files, images or video across in a way that is accessible to all users.

Cumulus Sites' approach is to make it easy -- to the point that users do not even have to register or sign-in -- for users to access files. This can be done by a company user emailing a specific link to a file (or basket of them), creating a self-service site or portal and intranets for internal use.

Pushing Media Out There

The company has a 20-year history of asset management and workflow products for media, marketing, communications and other industries. It's primary tool has been the server-based, platform independent, Cumlus whose latest update, v8.1.1, now adds Cumulus Sites to its Workgroup and Enterprise editions.

Sites DAM Manager becomes the delivery platform for Cumulus and helps users find the files they need to send to clients, make videos or images searchable and available to clients, all in a way that won't look out of place to YouTube or Flickr users.


Push your media product out to clients in easy to digest ways.

Make Files Accessible

Types of document, media or files can be chosen by searches, combined into a web link that can be emailed to a client who needs them or prospects who might want them, bypassing the need to email massive files. They can be previewed without registering and links can be time-limited or password protected, depending on company needs.

Cumulus Sites websites can be created from some or all a company's content, with the original files remaining safely behind the firewall. Sites can be customized to the company colors and there are a wide range of filters and searches to help users narrow down bulky archives to find what they want. Customization and changes to a site can be with XML, while advanced changes can be handled with CSS and JSP.

There is a Flash demo on the site to preview Cumulus Sites and you can arrange for a free trial demo for your company.