DAM Lowdown: ADAM Updates PIMS, Yangaroo Integration, Netflix Goes HTML5

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The DAM spring arrived in the last week, at least here in the eastern U.S. And, in digital asset management news, Yangaroo integrates with Pacific Media Tech, Picturepark hearts 2012, ADAM releases an update to its product information management system, Netflix hearts HTML5 and a digital asset to explain digital asset management. 

Yangaroo + Pacific Media Technologies

Post-production and digital services company Pacific Media Technologies is integrating the advertising distribution technology from digital media management provider Yangaroo into its media platform. Yangaroo Advertising’s Digital Media Distribution System platform is a Web-based service that enables the delivery of high-quality audio and video files to broadcasters worldwide, and will be used to deliver client ads to broadcast and cable media in the U.S. and Canada.

Boffo 2012 for Picturepark

Picturepark had a boffo 2012. The company has announced post-audit results from fiscal 2012, and it showed a revenue increase of more than 25 percent over 2011 for the Swiss-based DAM vendor. Also notable last year for the company: the release of Picturepark 8.4, the addition of 10 new partners in the global partner network, and the release of Picturepark connectors for Dropbox, SharePoint, YouTube and Woodwing.


DAM vendor ADAM has released PIMS 3.2, its product information management system which now offers a greater integration of product management and marketing information, as well as asset management within the sidebar. There is “no longer any need to visit the DAM system to create classifications for product aspects,” the company told news media.

All Hail HTML5

If you have any question about the growing strength of HTML5 for Web-based video presentation, one word might convince you: Netflix. That king of movie rentals announced this week that it is moving entirely to HTML5 video for its Web video, following the announcement by Microsoft that its Silverlight technology, which Netflix had been using, will end its life in 2021.

Learning Opportunities

DAM Infographic.png

The top of the Infosys infographic about DAM

Digital Asset About Digital Assets

What not use a digital asset to show what digital asset management is, and why it’s important? That’s exactly what technology consultant and service provider Infosys has done in an infographic.