DAM news has been slowing down over the past week, as DAMers anticipate and prep for the holidays. In this week’s digital asset management news, Cumulus fixes some bugs, copyright gets murky and WebDAM looks skyward. 

Cumulus Keeps Up with the Times

With the release of version 8.6.1, Canto Cumulus announced a series of bug fixes as well as compatibility with both the Windows 8 and Mountain Lion operating systems. In addition to the changes with the current release, Cumulus published a series of upcoming changes to help customers prepare for the next major release.

Who Owns the Copyright? 

In the age of digital content, what does copyright mean and how can a DAM system help? Those basics of rights awareness and management were addressed recently in an essay on CMSWire by Bright Interactive’s Martin Wilson.

Nuxeo’s UI Guide

Open source vendor Nuxeo, whose content management platform allows designers and developers to build, deploy and run solutions for digital asset management, document and case management and other content wrangling, is out with its UI Style Guide. It provides CSS rules, page layout design tips, consistent approaches to user actions and feedback and a listing of available icons -- among other UI guidances for the platform.


Up There or Down Here?

"The earth or the sky?" That age old question is now reformulated every day in a department somewhere, as in "on-premises or cloud?"

To help you consider whether you’d prefer your software living next to you or somewhere out there, WebDAM’s Bron McGuire has prepared 5 Things to Consider.

However, in spite of the rain-spewing thunderstorm cloud shown in the essay’s accompanying image, it shouldn't be a surprise that the cloud-based WebDAM comes down on the side of the sky.