This week, the DAM Lowdown rounds up takeaways from the Digital Asset Management Conference Europe, a new solution for video and audio searches, Forrester's list of best practices, Razuna 1.4.7, Nuxeo World videos, choosing a DAM solution and a podcast interview with a DAM expert.

Ten Takeaways

The Digital Asset Management Conference Europe was held November 8-9, 2011 at World Forum in The Hague, Netherlands. Kashyap Kompella offers a list of Top 10 takeaways.

Kompella's takeaways include:

  • CIOs and CMOs are paying more attention to DAM projects.
  • When large enterprise CMS vendors ingest specialist DAM vendors, the projects tend to languish.
  • Cloud adoption for DAM solutions will be slower than other segments of the technology industry.
  • Mobile vendors will add solutions based on consumer demand.
  • We still have a long way to go on "socializing" DAM products.
  • Users want more collaboration, which must coexist with workflow.
  • Preserving assets for the future is still a challenge.
  • "Content may be king but Context will be emperor."
  • Search is still the most-demanded feature
  • Are next-generation search features, such as search by color, really useful?

Video/Audio Search

In an article on the MerlinOne site, David Tenenbaum asks, "How do you make a video/audio file searchable without paying someone to sit down and type out a transcript?" He says the Merlin solution is a process that extracts audio tracks from video files and puts them through a speech-to-text engine. The text output is then indexed by their search engine against timecode. The solution still isn't perfect. For example, background noise can interfere with the speech-to-text process. A video demo is available on the MerlineOne website.

DAM Best Practices List

Forrester released a list of DAM best practices based on interviews with vendors, customers and industry professionals. Forrester's broad recommendations are to develop a taste for the different flavors of DAM, apply rich media-specific governance and make rich media metadata management a priority.

Enterprise DAM iPad Solution

North Plains, LLC, announced the iPad interface for its enterprise digital asset management solution TeleScope. The company says, "North Plains runs a very engaged user group and customer technical advisory panel, and they clearly indicated that the iPad and mobile digital assessment are becoming essential to their 2012 content creation and delivery processes." The iPad interface should be available by the end of 2011.

Cloud Sharing With OpenText Tempo

OpenText released OpenText Tempo, a document-sharing solution that allows users to gain access to and synchronize content across computers and mobile devices. "OpenText has filed a patent related to OpenText Tempo's hybrid-cloud capabilities, which allow the enterprise to keep data safe in existing systems, while providing the cloud-based app experience that users demand," the announcement says. The new product will be available in January 2012.

Razuna 1.4.7

The latest release of the Razuna DAM system, version 1.4.7, rolled out last week with a new Labels feature. The labels feature is similar to how Labels work in Gmail, which means more than one label can be assigned to each asset. The latest release also includes updates and bug fixes.

Nuxeo World Videos Online

Nuxeo World was held October 20-21, 2011, in Paris, and videos from the event are now online. Videos online include the opening keynote by Eric Barroca, CEO of Nuxeo.

Users vs. IT Departments

On the DAM Learning Center site, Edward Smith writes about the relationship between users (such as a marketing group) and IT departments when it comes to purchasing a DAM solution. "Whichever department -- IT or the end-user group -- decides to begin a DAM implementation project should involve the other," he writes. He uses an example of a marketing department that decided to purchase a DAM using its own budget without getting IT involved until the last moment, and then they learned that they'd need new hardware. His article also has suggestions for deciding on a DAM solution and how to pool department budgets to pay for it.

Podcast Interview With Paul Nicholson

The Another DAM podcast site posted a podcast interview with Paul Nicholson, VP of Print and Broadcast at Showtime Networks. In the interview, Nicholson answers questions such as:

  • How are you involved with Digital Asset Management?
  • How does an organization focused on entertainment television use Digital Asset Management?
  • What advice would you like to share with DAM professionals and people aspiring to become DAM professionals?