It’s another DAM week, and, in this week’s digital asset management news, a new version of the DAM Maturity Model emerges, the DAMMY Awards hit three and NBCUniversal gets hit. 

New Version of DAM Maturity Model 

First released in May, the Digital Asset Management Maturity Model is a structured framework to help organizations improve the success rate of DAM projects by aligning technology with the human-, informational-, and systems-related aspects of an organization.

A version 2 of the Model is now available. Like the first, it is intended to help organizations assess their current state, and to provide a roadmap for improvement. Using the Model, for instance, an organization could find that it not investing enough resources in creating internal metadata standards.

The updated Model, developed by The Real Story Group and the DAM Foundation, presents four categories -- People, Information, Systems and Processes. People, for example, then has three Focus Areas -- Technical Expertise, Business Expertise and Alignment -- each of which can achieve a maturity level of either Ad Hoc, Incipient, Formative, Operational or Optimal. 

The authoring organizations recommend that companies or non-profits identify key internal stakeholders who advocate a need for DAM, and then each stakeholder completes a questionnaire, such as the one the DAM Foundation provides. The answers are used to determine where things reside at the organization, where they should go and the distance between them.

The Third Annual DAMMY Awards

Think your company is a champion innovator in digital asset solutions? There’s an award for that. The third annual DAMMY Awards, presented by Createasphere, has announced that its submission deadline is August 2. The Awards themselves will be presented on September 28 at a gala luncheon ceremony in Manhattan’s New Yorker Hotel.

This year’s judges include BBC Archives’ Taxonomy Manager, Fran Alexander, Texas-based ad agency GSD&M’s head of digital asset management Lisa McIntyre, and founder -- and recipient of a Library of Congress “Pioneer of Digital Preservation” award -- David Riecks.

The categories include DAMMY of the Year, Best Example of Asset and Media Repurposing, and Best Strategy Ease of Use for End-User Interface.

NBCU Hit with US$ 3.5 Million Font Software Suit

Font software management is not only needed so you can make your deadlines without going too crazy but, sometimes, also so you can stay out of court. It remains to be seen if font software management had been lacking at NBCUniversal, following news that Brand Design Co. last week filed a US$ 3.5 million claim against NBCU for improper use on their websites of its font software.

Brand Design alleges that the basic, 36 users license for its CHALET typeface font software purchased by NBCU’s Oxygen Media did not include use on NBCU’s websites. The suit also contends that NBCU utilized a conversion tool called Font Squirrel to modify the typeface so that it could better be used on the websites. To reach the $3.5 million in damages, Brand Design calculated that about 20,000 downloads of unauthorized font software occurred, each charged at the US$ 175 purchase price for CHALET.

According to the Code of Federal Regulations, typefaces cannot be copyright, but software employed to use the typefaces can. One difficulty in proving such a case, however, is proving that a given piece of software was utilized in the use of a specific font.