Yes, it’s been another DAM week … and, in this past week’s digital asset management news, Damcloud is rising, Daminion updates, Amazon goes for the cold metaphor, Cumulus and CHILI get together, and DAMMIES hit a record.

Oh, That Damcloud

Celum has launched, which it described as the first “highly professional DAM solution, in the cloud, with no reduced functionality.” The company said that its cloud solution is not an “austerity package,” but has all the features of more expensive, locally installed software. can be modified for integration with specific work environments, using any of several different modules -- such as ones for utilizing the service via a mobile device, integrating rich content into Microsoft Office documents or uploading images directly from Adobe Creative Suite.

Daminion Updates Its Server

DAM solution provider Daminion Software has issued an update for its Daminion Server. The low-cost, LAN-based photo management software, designed for small teams, has over 30 enhancements in the new release, version 0.9.5.

New features include a backup/restore feature for the server catalog, improved rescan of folders and faster cataloging capabilities.

Storage on Ice

Notwithstanding global climate change’s effect on the lifespan of glaciers, Amazon Web Services’ new Glacier brand gets across the idea -- long-term storage.

The service is designed to be secure and low-cost for backup and archiving, meaning that it’s optimized for data that is not retrieved frequently and, when it is, can be downloaded over hours. Long-term storage costs are 1 cent/gigabyte/month, with higher charges if more than five percent is retrieved each month.

Data is stored in redundant fashion in several facilities, and on multiple devices in each facility, although Amazon is being coy about exactly what kind of storage medium is being used. It has only said it’s not tape libraries.

Integration Between Cumulus DAM and CHILI Publisher

You can now connect Canto Cumulus catalogs on the Cumulus DAM to CHILI Publisher through the newly released CHILI2Cumulus.

CHILI2Cumulus screenshot.png

This integration is designed to simplify publishing workflows by allowing users to access their DAM files from CHILI Publisher without switching apps, and allow graphic designers to more easily create files for pre-press or interactive media.

The browser-based CHILI Publisher enables a user to create and edit documents based on CHILI templates. Assets in Cumulus can be dragged and dropped into CHILI publisher, along with their metadata, to create layouts.

CHILI2Cumulus, based on the Canto Integration Platform, was developed by Idéa7, a computer engineering service company and a Canto partner. Canto noted that CHILI2Cumulus is the latest integration based on its Platform, following others involving WordPress, SharePoint and WoodWing.

Record Entries for DAMMIES

Possibly helped by a deadline extension, this year’s Call for Entries to Createasphere’s Third Annual DAMMY Awards attracted a record number -- 30 percent more entries than last year.

The Nominees have been posted in the five categories, including ones for the biggie -- the DAMMY of the Year Award. The Ceremony presenting the winners takes place on September 28 in Manhattan.