It’s another DAM week, and, in recent digital asset management news, Widen lays out 10 steps to DAM audit heaven, the DAMMY Awards extends its nominee deadline, TACTIC goes open source, and being dead is no longer an excuse for losing assets.

Widen Offers Guide to DAM Auditing

DAM software vendor Widen decided to follow up on CMSWire’s article “Have You Audited Your Digital Assets Lately?” with its own guide to auditing.

Entitled “How to Audit Your Digital Asset Management System in 10 Easy Steps,” the guide was developed specifically for Widen Media Collective customers, but can be easily adopted to audit any DAM solution.

The 10 Easy Steps start with a “Snapshot,” a high-level overview of changes since the system’s launch date. This is followed by such steps as assessing the user base, examining user roles and permissions, breaking down digital assets, optimizing search structures, assessment of optional features and utilizing Google Analytics.

DAMMY Awards Extends Submission Deadline

If you think your company is a champion innovator in digital asset solutions, you’ve got a little more time to prove it. The submission deadline for the Third Annual DAMMY Awards, presented by Createasphere, has been extended to August 17 from August 2.

Categories include DAMMY of the Year, Best Example of Asset and Media Repurposing, and Best Strategy Ease of Use for End-User Interface.

Southpaw Open Sources TACTIC

Southpaw Technology has announced that it will be releasing its TACTIC production asset management software as open source. Southpaw will continue to provide support packages and professional services for the software, which can be downloaded for free. A commercial license will still be available to companies who prefer or require such licenses.

Learning Opportunities

Rest in Digital Peace

And, finally for this week, a word about final resting places for your digital assets. Now that so much of our personal lives -- photos, videos, bank accounts -- are stored digitally under password, how do your heirs get access?

Several services are stepping up. SecureSafe offers “a secure and private way of passing on your files and passwords,” via assignment of a digital data safe to beneficiaries.  

My Internet Data allows users to upload information for safe keeping, and to designate three family members or friends who can close online accounts and remove data when you’ve gone to the Big Repository in the Sky.

AssetLock requires that “a certain number of your recipients” have to log in and certify that you’re no longer around, after which your account will be unlocked. 

But, just in case you haven’t gotten around to using one of these sites, we previously reported that the Oregon State Bar is drafting model legislation that will automatically grant family members access to a former person’s digital assets.