This DAM week has gone by quickly. And, in digital asset management news: a Glossary rises, Razuna touts new functions and Telestream upgrades.

Words to Live By

We noted last week that, while Shakespeare has insisted a rose will still be a rose no matter what you call it, DAM systems and their owners care a lot about accurate naming. In that vein, Henrik de Gyor recently issued a call here at CMSWire for the creation of a DAM Glossary.

Ralph Windsor at DAM News heard that call loud and clear. He kindly offers a Glossary he helped develop in 2006, which is now in place at that publication.

Windsor also noted that some have “contemplated replacing the term Digital Asset Management with something else, especially with the unfortunate three letter acronym it carries around (which seems to be an on-going joke that successive generations never get bored of).”

DAM right, Ralph. Not bored of it yet here at the Lowdown either.

Razuna’s Upcoming Version 1.5.5

The final release version of Razuna 1.5.5 is not out for weeks, but the company is touting its new features. They include new functions to manage custom fields, an ability to search for assets in specific folders, a new Plugin System and over 200 other changes.

Telestream Upgrades

Telestream, which provides video lifecycle solutions, is offering a new GPU-accelerated video transcoder that was specifically developed for cable video-on-demand and IPTV workflows in its Vantage video transcoding, workflow automation and system management offering. Telestream noted that last year it introduced a transcoding and workflow solution specifically for another application -- the distribution of multiscreen content.

Vantage workflow designer, from the Telestream Web site

Additionally, Vantage’s workflows orchestration is being broadened to integrate with a wider range of systems for digital file transfer, commercial delivery, cameras, edit systems and other functions, allowing for one user interface to control multi-vendor workflows from content ingest and editing, to quality control and through delivery.